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I think the whole concept is being twisted to the advantage of PAS. At the onset the assurance given is good, if the Chinese do not agree liquor and gambling will not be prohibited. Then it refers to Buddhists and Christians and if they think it is wrong PAS will consider to act against it. To make it palatable to the people, next the religious leaders are going to be called, and this group will, being noticed by PAS, will vehemently protest and say all these are bad habits and they will be banned. I am not against religion, but against religious practices.

What I don’t agree is, the decision does not constitute an unanimous decision, as the man in the street, falls prey to a group of religious people dictating how they should live. Come to think about it, difference in race does not matter much as people are the same whether black or white. They are children of God and they have every reason to enjoy the fruits that God has provided. It is religion that divides.  Then come the religious gurus, who claim they are better than the ordinary man and direct people what is good for man and use God as a tool, to instil in them the fear that doing that will bring untold suffering here or beyond meaning after death. So in a way the religious groups become the spokesman for God. Surprisingly these religious groups can mislead in that in private they do one thing and the outward appearance is totally different. They are hypocrites.

The next is the idea of superiority in the different types of religion. Everyone rushes to claim their’s the best, simply because that is the only religion they have been thought and have access to. How can another religion be bad if nothing is known of the other religion. Most of the problems are here today because of religion, because invariably, the religious groups get involved in the management of Government, and to satisfy their benefit make statements contrary to what good governance is.This has happened many times in history.

It can be a ploy by religious groups, at the onset talk about social ills like drinking, gambling, they forgot smoking, immoral behaviour, corruption, bribery, cheating, the list can go on. Followed by this comes the hard part. Things that are peculiar to that religion are slowly brought in and the other religious groups are made to follow these concepts. If not rules are formulated and the man in the street loses his freedom of choice and becomes slaves as to what is dictated by the religious people. Therein lies the danger.

Religion can be a powerful concept to separate the people and it brings out the I and they difference. Years back this country had no racial difference, although practicing different religions, the people lived harmoniously. Each religion was accorded its importance, there was no clash of religions. Some of the doings of the various religious groups were different but nobody cared. After independence, race and religion came into play. Our differenced were attenuated to the benefit of the ruling party. The people suffered. Do we still want to suffer. Is Iran, Afghanistan, Ireland, not enough.

Keep religion apart from the state. People who are religious should not rule because the over-zealousness of religion overtakes them, and they can’t differentiate between state matters and religion.

Kedah will ban liquor and gambling, I am sure. What next no public hand holding or segregation of sexes. If this is done religion wins but the man in the street loses his freedom to decide – he becomes a slave to religion, and not common sense which God has given us.       

MB: Ban on vices not ruled out in Kedah 

MB: Ban on vices not ruled out in Kedah

Soon Li Tsin | Mar 18, 08 5:53pm

Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak has not ruled out a ban on the sale of hard liquor and gambling in the state but this would only happen if the Chinese community agreed to it.

azizan abdul razak“If the Chinese think that gambling and drinking is fine then we will let it go on. If there are no restrictions from other religions, we’ll let it go on.

“But from how I see it, some of them don’t agree with gambling and drinking.

“So if the Buddhists or Christians say it’s wrong, then we will wait and see if we want to act against gambling and the selling of liquor,” he told Malaysiakini.

There is still an air of uncertainty whether the PAS-led state government would implement a ban against vices stated in the Muslim religion.

However, Azizan remains steadfast that there will be no drastic changes in Kedah and that the implementation of Islamic law would come into force only when the people fully understood the religion.

Meanwhile, Anak Bukit state assemblyperson Amirudddin Hamzah echoed Azizan’s stand and said any new policy will only be done with consultation from the people.

“(Policy changes) will not be forced upon the people suddenly. The MB has said that the existing policies will go on. There will not be any major changes.

“If there was, it would be done with consultation and education from the people,” he said.

He said liquor shops and gambling licences will carry on and be allowed to open.

“We were also made known that gambling and drinking is prohibited in other religions. Should any policy changes on these matters arise we will not do it instantly, we’ll do it step by step,” he added.

Open selling of pork

In another matter, various groups have called for pork to be sold openly in Sungai Petani.

Currently in the town, pork is sold behind tinted screens and black plastic bags are used. This ruling was put in place under the previous Barisan Nasional government.

According to them, parliamentarian Johari Abdul from PKR had promised in his election manifesto that pork will be sold openly.

Azizan when quizzed on whether his government would reverse the ruling, said: “I don’t know. We have to wait and see. Right now we are focused on the development for the people.”

Meanwhile, Amirudddin could not confirm if this has been discussed as he was presently in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the Kedah state executive council will be holding a meeting tomorrow and is unclear if the issue of pork will arise.

PAS formed the new state government after winning 16 out of the 36 state seats available. They also won four from the 15 parliamentary seats in Kedah.

MB: Ban on vices not ruled out in Kedah



  1. A black day for religous freedom. Why didn’t they put it in their election manifesto?

    C’mon PAS, we didn’t give you a blank cheque. it’s the people who put you there, not just the Buddhist or Christians.

  2. Dear Mat Saman Kati,

    If you don’t protest they will treat us as zombies and the people will be lead by their noses. Religion is good but don’t sully it by using it to run a government.

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