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NEP poster boy hits back at criticism

Far from ‘forgetting’ his debt to the New Economic Policy (NEP) – as his detractors have accused him of doing – Selangor Mentri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said his state government seeks a return to the policy’s original spirit.

That spirit, he said, is of an affirmative action for all and which does not discriminate between the various races in Malaysia or among the Malays as Umno’s implementation of the NEP had done.

khalid ibrahim selangor menteri besar pc 170308 01“The NEP after it was introduced … catered for everybody. In subsequent years, because of political demands, it was used to discriminate not only against (people of) other races but against persons even within the (Malay) community.
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I like this Poster Boy reference. I belong to this breed of people who were British Poster Boys, there are thousands and thousands like me or more. I studied, no help given, got a job, no help here either, worked, if you don’t you are given a strong kick in the butt, and carry on with life.

Nobody grumbles I am a British Poster Boy! Only problem is, I had no “close one eye” politician to make me rich. Sigh.


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