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The steps for recovery is very steep. Palanivel, has spoken this time, although still under the guidance of the puppet master Samy Vellu. If he had done this very much earlier, I am sure there would have been a comparison between him and Samy Vellu who maintained the Indians were sleeping on beds of roses. Samy was in denial. The second echelon leaders were dummies under the boss, who practiced autocracy 101%. His assistants were led by the nose, they followed subdued, submissive to the extend they were considered robots. This should never happen in any group leave alone a political party. Palanivel has some substance in what he says, and I believe he has broken the shackles that bound him, to voice an opinion that has hit the bull’s eye. He appears a good leader to put MIC right. But with Big Boss around, he will be just a ladder. Let me illustrate. The sea rises so does the ship, followed by the insignificant ladder attached to the ship. The ladder can never lift itself by its own strength.      

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 (Bernama) — MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel says that unhappy voters cannot be sold on the idea of development alone.
As such, he said Barisan Nasional (BN) must take cognisance of all facts, especially of the state of unhappiness” of the voters when these people went to the polls.
“These unhappy voters were not willing to buy our cup of coffee. The hard lesson for BN is that the happiness cannot be bought by selling development alone,” he said in a statement since BN took a severe knock in the 12th general election as a result of a voter swing.
Palanivel said voters who had been hurt and unhappy over many big and little issues “have sent us a clear message.”
BN must now look at the causes of unhappiness and address these causes, one by one, with sincerity, he said.
“Warnings and counter-warnings cannot be the answer to this question of unhappiness. It might cause more unhappiness and resentment amongst the people,” he added.
In looking at the voting pattern, he said one could safely say that the unhappiness was across the board – a multi-racial unhappiness. All negative issues must be boldly faced and addressed one at a time. “
Palanivel, however, said BN could win back the confidence of the voters it lost but it would have to be a slow process, and the map must be carefully drawn without hurting voters.
“Policies and even leaders who keep on hurting human feelings must be very seriously looked at.”
On the MICs dismal performance, Palanivel said that this was one of the biggest moments of failure and defeat for the party.
He said MIC itself, must look inwards as well as at other external factors.
“After all, it was not only the MIC but also the other component parties in Peninsular Malaysia who had fared badly.
“Maybe, we pulled each other down,” noted Palanivel.
“There are no instant cures. What we faced was not an instant storm but one that was brewing for quite some time. Not seeing it was certainly one of our faults.
“Rebuilding the party is not an easy process but it has to be done,” he said.

Palanivel Says Unhappy Voters Cannot Be Sold On Development Agenda Alone ::



  1. I wonder why suddenly everyone suddenly becomes very clear of their wrongoings, which was not seen at all prior to the GE.

    Good, good sweet comments from this Palanivel guy, so as OKT from MCA, so as our big ass AAB.

    But do they know that it has to take them 50 years to realize the mistake ? Imagine how the indian, chinese and malay communities have suffered, and this is all they can say now.

    WTF…..UMNO, MIC and MCA should just totally vaporize off, instead of taking a coming back.

    Hopelessly, no hope..!

  2. Dear bangsaku2008,

    Relax and take it easy. In life when we make mistakes, we tend to push it under the carpet by saying we have to do what has been done. Then later, the guilt feelings come in, did I do right, and this guilt feelings makes you to blabber and that is what Palanivelu is doing. All will pay, Palanivelu, OKT and Badawi. Read my post on his SIL.

  3. “Policies and even leaders who keep on hurting human feelings must be very seriously looked at.” – Palanivel

    If so, he must start looking at his boss very seriously for hurting our feelings with his filthy, stinking big mouth!

    By the way, below is Samy Vellu’s reaction about Palanivel’s views: (From Berita Nasional Antarctica)

    `Ini semua cakap orang gila punyalah! Itulah saya punya comment. Orang gilalah! Sekarang banyak orang sudah gila! Dia layak masuk ke Hospital Tanjung Rambutan atau di Tampoilah!’

  4. Dear GV,

    Pity Samy Vellu, Sungei Siput is just near Tanjong Rambutan, a twenty minutes drive. Now we know why Samy lost, too many gila fellows voted him out in Sungei Siput, no offense to the Sungei Siput people, sometimes a spade must be called a spade, and Uncle Sam is in a dream world.

  5. From youtube:

    (Hmmm, as you know, he was NOT talking about Palanivel but, the tryth is, you are gila if you comment about him – the so-called `saathanaith thalaivar’.

  6. Dear GV’

    A friend of mine was in Perth and admiring a big mansion, a local engaged him in conversation said the mansion belonged to the Sathanai Thalivar, that is a sathanai is it not.

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