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    Pardon this idiom which at face value may sound crude, uneducated, or simply rude. Indians have this thing about dogs using it in various derogatory terms. go you dog, ungrateful dog, bathe a dog but still he will run to the rubbish and dirt, and those who speak Tamil can, I am sure can, come out with many more. But my heading is meant in a good sense and here am I for the fust time (my pronunciation) find a cool and level headed Samy Vellu declaring he wants to built MIC. So for all intends and purpose, Samy means business and I wish him the best. But it is going to be an uphill battle and Samy may find it difficult.
    But here are some few suggestions:
  • MIC is Tamil based, Indians include Sikhs, Tamil Muslims, and northern Indians. MIC must open the doors to them. Language is a problem, use English as the main medium. I was surprised to learn a Sikh was the President of MIC during the 40’s.
  • Practice democracy in electing people, no patronage, no going by cast, so outdated, perhaps all divisional heads may have to go. That goes for you as well.
  • Show the people what MIC does, facts and figures to prove relevancy of the party.
  • Take over some Tamil schools and show results.
  • Propagate Indian culture and places of worship.
      I hope these will help MIC.
    • Samy’s sober review of what he and MIC needs to do

      By : Suganthi Suparmaniam

      KUALA LUMPUR, Sat:

      MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said he can now devote all his time towards rebuilding the party and reuniting the Indian community.

      Calling on the Indians to set aside their differences, he vowed to embrace the younger generations strength and ideas into the 62-year-old party.
      “Nothing is too little, too late. We can always start afresh and look towards a new beginning,” he said in a press statement today
      Samy said that although the morale of some MIC members could be dented after the stunning defeats of many candidates, he stressed that the MIC is still intact.
      “However, we need to rebuild the party and bring in young people who will take over the leadership,” he said, urging grassroots leaders to remain united and carry on with their work.

      Samy said the MIC hoped to recruit at least 300,000 members from within the younger generation. It now has 630,000 members in 3,700 branches.
      The Youth, Putera and Puteri wings will be strengthened and given more leverage to pull in the younger people, he said.
      Samy Vellu said MIC will also conduct a post-mortem on the performance of its candidates and the voting trends among the Indians.
      Top leaders who lost were still elected party leaders who will continue to steer the party and the community towards uplifting their socio-economic condition.
      “There will also be changes in the way the party operates,“ he said. “Many of the younger generation voted for the opposition due to various reasons.

      The New Straits Times Online…….



      1. Its very nice and sweet talk of him now after so much of happening for the last 20 years’ in charge of indian community.

        Be candid here, is anyone still wanna keep an old fox at home? I won’t for one, though I was never in anyway, hurt so badly from his wrongdoings as compare to my indian friends (now the bangsa rakyat i.e, Malaysian).

        To compensate for what had been done wrong, he should, unconditionally, volunteer to empty out what he had swallowed from my indian country man, write pages of “SORRY, IT WAS ME THAT LET THE INDIAN COMMUNITY DOWN ” and publish them daily at the MSM for 365 days so that it will be a Malaysian and World record, and his name be taken in history of Malaysia as the most hated human kind ever in Malaysia.

        Disgusting creature…..!

      2. Dear bangsaku2008,

        Do you thing so! Although I wrote the post with reservations, hoping Samy will do something good, but I do admit that Indians hate him. Samy must do a lot of soul searching, he is at a stage of retirement, and personally it would be nice if somebody takes over. But Samy has the trump card and feels he can use that to command his numbers. Pity the members all card carrying individuals hoping to gain something. Once they know Samy cannot guarantee goodies, they will rebel.

        Then perhaps MIC will be relevant again, and that is many moons away. The hate for Samy is monumental.

      3. Naai vaalai nimirththa mudiyaathu.

        You can’t straighten a dog’s tail by putting it in a hose/pipe.

      4. From youtube:

      5. Hello GV,

        So, the lesson is, if you want a dog get one without a tail. Nai nandiri yulla pirani, being grateful sometimes is equated with a faithful dog.

        Samy looked funny in the clip.

      6. When we say `naai nandri ulla piraani”, we are talking about the four-legged `canis lupus familiaris’ and not the two-legged ones.

        And there is a saying: `you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

      7. Dear GV,

        You have put it aptly. Samy may get angry with you for referring as such, but who cares, facts are facts, reality must be practiced.

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