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This was in my inbox from Lucy Lai of Penang. 

To the Manager, Editors and Employees of STAR PUBLICATION (M) Bhd
Dear publisher,
In the weeks of unfair reports and one sight media coverage by your
company, we Malaysians, are truly disgusted and angry with the way you
have been publishing your reports. In many calls by the public and even
the Election Commission Chairman to give and fair and equal coverage to all
contesting parties, you denied us, and made us read what you wanted and
not in the interest of the public. All reports on the opposition parties
were negative and gave much shame to the candidates that were contesting.
For your information, this was the candidates we chose and elected. But
you repeatly bombed the opposition in the interest of Barisan Nasianol.
Datuk Seri Anwar was fired in your articles, telling the readers that
he was irrelevant and cannot lead the country. Threats in forms of
advertisement were publish on behalf of Barisan Nasional. Example, IF YOU
advertisements and articles created not fear, but much anger and
disappointments in the public.
Just after election, you would have known in which party was the nation
interested and what type of coverage was the public keen to learn. Despite
calls of protesting your papers just before election, you ignored and
continued to publish such negative reports which was not true and not in
the interest of the readers. But just after election, your tone of
articles changed, giving the new ruling party much space and positive
reports. You did it learning that the people were no more interested in
your one sight coverage and choose to love the opposition. In your
publication today 12-03-08 (Penang), I see many reports on our newly
elected Chief Minister and a good write up on him. Shockingly even Anwar
appeared positive in your articles today.
Do you think it’s that easy to fool the people and your readers? Do you
think, we are uneducated to follow the tunes you play and be part of the
drama you are unfolding. Just because you know, your company might run out
of bisnness because of not publishing what the readers are interested in,
you chose to change the mask on your face and provide the readers with
what they want only after learning you might be kicked out. Why did not
you do this from the beginning of the GE 08. You have humiliated and
insulted you readers by this act and have judge their mentality by assuming
that they will follow what you say and publish.
We then now demand that you publish and apology in the headlines of your
papers, telling the readers that you are sorry for making the readers
think what you wanted and for not giving an fair and equal coverage on the
opposition during the GE 08. We demand you to do it before the 19th of
March 08. Any apology after this time line will not be entertained and
If we find that, there is no apology in the headlines of your publication
before this date, we would officiate the ANTI STAR campaign in Penang on
the 22nd of March 08. You have learned that 90% of the people in Penang
support the opposition. And out of that, about 50% of them are STAR
readers. We would make sure that the 50% readers would have alternative
sources such as the SUN and the Internet, thus rejecting you papers and
forcing you to shut down your production company in Penang. Hundreds
of volunteers have also agreed to kick of this campaign in their
respective state and be part of this ANTI STAR CAMPAIGN.
This is a final warning for you to apologies. We as Bangsa Malaysia will
accept you apology. It is not that easy to cover up on things like this
and just get away with it by changing the tunes of your articles. You have
been warned by so many readers, and yet you chose to be a tool of Barisan
Nasianol. Well, it’s to late now, they too can’t help you anymore after
learning the MAKKAL SAKTHI ( People’s Power) which you will soon learn if
you choose not to apologies in the headlines.
We are looking forward for your reply publicly.
K. Sudhagaran Stanley,

Gmail – [beritamalaysia] an open letter to the star publications –

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