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Shocker for new CM at Matta meeting

PENANG: New Chief Minister Lim Guang Eng had was taken aback to find out that mundane issues were discussed at high-level tourism meetings. 

He said he was appalled that issues such as ticketing, congestion, cleanliness and lack of enforcement were still being discussed when such fundamental problems should have been resolved long ago. 

Among the issues brought up during the meeting Wednesday were ticketing problems at Penang Hill, lack of security and parking space at the Penang jetty, lack of cleanliness, lack of enforcement and improperly-maintained colonial buildings. 

“But I will appoint an executive councillor in charge of tourism to liaise closely with the players in the industry to restore the shine of Penang,” he said, acknowledging that some matters were under the purview of the federal government. 

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One of the reasons cited is enforcement, and I am not surprised.

Look at the Police, Immigration, Customs, Local Councils and of course the whole civil service. The officers there are enriching themselves without a care in the world of their duties and responsibilities, and making sure a second source of income is readily available to compliment their take home salary. If enforcement is there, corruption will decrease and the people will not be inconvenienced.

It is a long way to go for a decent civil service.


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