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 Hindus been here for more than a 1000 years ago

Dear our Hindu Malaysian,
Tunku Abdul Rahman once said to the Kedah royal family never forget that we are from Merong Mahawangsa a Hindu Buddhist prince. Archeological evidence shows more than a thousand years old relics of our hindu buddhist past. Hindus have been here and were the bulider of our ancient civilization.They are indeed bumiputera.

The meaning of bumi putra is sanskrit, syurga, dosa . As a Malay Muslim who studies our Malay heritage and civilization we are nothing without the Hindus.I symphatize the Hindus they should not be mocked as kafir or pagan.

As a human who live in 21st c. we must use our reason that every citizen must have equal right royal or peasant, malay or hindu.

Malay Hindu group urges PM to free ISA detainees – Forums Big News Network


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