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MIC – A new era begins
According to Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba) president P Sivakumar, this could signal the birth of a new era for MIC.
But firstly, he said, the party must conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the reasons behind its crushing defeat.
Another factor, Sivakumar said, was the silencing and removing of dissenting voices in MIC, including Samy Vellu’s former estranged deputy S Subramaniam.
“Thousands of Subramaniam’s supporters were left in the lurch and they also expressed their anger in this polls,” he noted.
Asked if this included Subramaniam, he responded: “Why not? He has a large following and he was the longest serving deputy president.”
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You don’t have to a political expert to analyse the weakness of MIC and its members. There is only one reason why it failed and that is it is a party devoid of good leadership, the members are puppets manipulated by a master who is nothing short of a sycophant. This puppet master twists and turns each movement of its members and any puppet figure that does not follow or respond the way the master wants it do, is discarded and never becomes a performing puppet anymore. In any organisation the leader must command respect not out of fear but because he possesses leadership qualities which also includes the humility to admit his own mistakes, listen to his down liners, give it importance and then decide collectively what is good for the party. Maybe this is too idealistic, but nevertheless, basing on this principle, the respect between the leader and his group grows and gives the impetus it is working as a group for a good cause.

I am told MIC failed to function well after Sambanthan, power play and self importance crept into the party during the time of Manickavasagam and has continued until now where MIC is Samy and Samy is MIC.

Life long Presidency is a sure no. The President knows too much of each individual and his rise to the present post becomes the gift of the President. Hence how could he go against the man who brought him up. The length of the Presidency must be limited to give everyone a chance to go to the top. This motivates and the present system of doing things to please the top ceases.

Subra is still a no, no. He was given the chance earlier, but he failed, resurrecting him will be a disaster; don’t forget he will bring along his supporters who are basically ex MIC members, and MIC will be at square one again.


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