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The local councils are more corrupted than the infamous Royal Malaysian Police. This needs to be immediately addressed and many heads should be on the chopping block. The state governments must be ruthless with no quarters asked nor any given. Let there be a ‘bloodbath’ if necessary. And send the files of all these crooks to the Anti-Corruption Agency and demand that they be hung from the highest tree. The rakyat will gladly pay for the cost of the tree.
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I have just taken one portion of the article of Raja Petra relating to Local Councils in this country. These councils, are the most corrupted entities in the long chain of our civil service. The mayors, presidents wield so much power that the man in the street is forever complaining their rates and taxes are not used for what they are meant for. How many a time pavements are paved, trees trimmed without concern of the shade they provide in a hot country like ours, a whole parade of enforcement officers for checking parking tickets, when one is enough for an area, another parade of officers working in groups to cart away vehicles parked illegally, without considering parking facilities provided, ordinary car parks reserved for their officers around council buildings etc etc.

First and foremost, a census is required of the number of people employed. Are they over staffed. I am sure they are.

A local representative to be present at all meetings where planning, future work and financing is discussed, after all they are using our money.

Ideally elected representatives be made council members and not from political parties.

This is just a start, I am waiting for the state government to be formed, and I can assure my state representative is going to receive a lot of e-mails.

Please comment, especially those who have knowledge intimately of the working of local councils. We can build up a dossier.


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