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Hindraf: Make ISA detainee S’gor deputy MB

The Hindu Rights Action Force wants its legal advisor M Manoharan to be appointed as a deputy menteri besar in Selangor under the new state government to be formed by the opposition.

The opposition yesterday toppled the BN government by winning 36 seats out of 56 in the state. BN won the remaining 20 to be in the opposition in the state legislative assembly.

“And it is no secret that the Indian voters have delivered their votes for the opposition,” said Waythamoorthy who spoke to Malaysiakini from New Delhi, India.

He added that now it was time for the opposition to repay the trust placed on them by the Indian community and not to betray that trust.

“As such we hope that Manoharan will be appointed as a deputy menteri besar in Selangor. Likewise, we hope th opposition parties will appoint an Indian representative as a menteri besar or chief minister in the other states that they have won,” he added.
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In a wedding procession the bridegroom must be present before it is called a procession as such. Similarly, let not the euphoria of the election cloud our thoughts. Manoharan must be released before he can sit in the Selangor state assembly. Work must be done on this before deciding what honors must be placed on him.The opposition won 36 seats and the PKR member is going to be new Menteri Besar. Manoharan is another one of the 36. There must be better candidates to fill in the Deputy Menteri Besar and in any case Mano was not entered as a Hindraf candidate but the opposition.

Hindraf influence helped. It does not automatically make any Indian candidate to be a Menteri Besar or deputy. They have to follow precedence in their own parties.

Let us not be not mindful of this.



  1. It doesnt matter the horse or the cart. Indians brave and risked everything to defeat BN. Now the opposition shud keep to their promises failing which Hindraf will take drastic action to counter any repercussions in the near future.

  2. Dear VC,

    Indians were also brave when we supported MIC. Don’t be emotional because it brings very little benefit. Revert to me after a week, perhaps at that time both of us, that includes me as well, will be in a calm manner to have a healthy look at this situation.

  3. Aarvidi, I concur with your comment/s.

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