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I was pleasantly surprised to see a banner in Tamil “PAS katchike engal aathravu” in a Taman where I do my marketing. It means our support is for PAS.  PAS was never in the minds of Indians all these years for the simple fact it was considered an ultra party based on religion. I suppose PAS can and do every thing for Islam, that’s its drawing power among the rural and some urban Malay supporters. But, please don’t make that zeal work at the expense of other religions.
If PAS can prove, they are also considerate when other religions are concerned, and will not brook incursion by the authorities on the rights of other religions, I think the new found relationship of PAS and Indians will grow. But if they get the notion that they must speak up only when Islam is concerned and keep quiet when  other religions are concerned then this new found relationship will be temporary.  

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