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Samy Vellu: Did he speak up or not?

MIC President S Samy Vellu has been facing many attacks from all sides in recent days. These attacks have intensified especially in the post-Hindraf rally in November last year and during the 2008 election campaigning period now.

Samy Vellu has been very skilled in avoiding the venom from the sting of the darts. This he has done through aggressive rebuttals in press conferences, adverts in papers and dissemination of information. At the same time he has not shied away from the angry crowds whom he calls as his people when they want to talk him.

However the attack by Dr Mahathir Mohamad two days before polling is really uncalled for. Furthermore to say that ‘Samy Vellu did not ask for assistance’ is totally unbecoming of a former prime minister whom we hold so dearly.

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First and foremost thank you for the clarification and the details you have enumerated in your letter. The Indians owe you a debt of gratitude, for Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS), which I am sure has brought to the attention of the Government the various maladies the Indians face.

Mahathir in his estimation may have been wrong, that all along Samy Vellu had not actively involved himself to put things right.

But what cannot be understood is this. After the Hindraf rally, if he had the interest of the Indians in mind, and knowing their plight, why did he resist and say the Indians are doing very well. Was this not an golden opportunity for him to accept the reason behind the rally, and focus his abilities to overcome them. What he did was, run to India, tell the whole world the Indians are doing well in Malaysia. Remember even Badawi was surprised the Indians had so many problems.

Why make the Hindraf group look insignificant as if they had done a blunder and created havoc. By him taking this stand the Indians, compared notes, and found what Hindraf did was correct, but maybe the choice of words used were inappropriate. Was it guilt that MIC did not do so, and the myth that MIC is Indians and Indians is MIC has been shattered made Samy Vellu react in this way.


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