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Pandithan is still alive, says IPF

Indian Progressive Front leaders today strongly denied rumours that party founder and president MG Pandithan is dead.

mg pandithan frail weak hospital 021006They said that Pandithan, who has been diagnosed with blood leukemia and has been seriously ill for over a year, was still taking treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“Not true at all. He is fine,” said party deputy president V Senggutuan when contacted today.

He added that the rumours, being spread via the short message services (SMSes), were done by irresponsible people to destabilise the party, which has already been rocked by infighting and factionalism.

“He is definitely not dead. We will surely tell you if something like that happens,” he added.
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There is no dearth of bad news for MIC and the President Mr Samy Vellu. We were told, in desperation, MIC was courting Pandithan to being in disgruntled Indians to vote for Barisan Nasional and MIC. Padithan, apparently is very ill, and I suppose he could not have campaigned to convince Indians to change minds or make fence sitters to make a right choice. But IPF is on record as having 380,000 members but how many may vote opposition is debatable. Makkal Sakthi or People’s power in form of VCD’s is in circulation everywhere and this VCD besides reminding Indians of their plight also gives facts and figures of the Indians past and present. Any viewer of this VCD is sure to be a bit agitated watching it as it also shows graphical incidences of people being injured etc. All said and done the trend is towards Indians voting opposition. Pandithan even under normal circumstances could not have changed the minds of Indians that easily.

The other damaging news is the Q & A session of Mahathir with Malaysiakini where the blame of the whole Indian problem is laid at the feet of Samy Vellu. I have not seen any rebuttal from Samy Vellu on any on line papers so far.

The new revelation comes from one AP Muguntha, you can read it in Malaysiakini. Wow, Samy has a lot of enemies.

Hence the future of MIC and Samy Vellu, does not look very bright, does it.


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