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Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Focus on Kinta Valley 

written by Bill Gates, March 06, 2008 | 23:20:31

MCA and Gerakan has no strategy at all. No one wants to hear them talk anymore. They are traitors of chinese. They are unable to answer simple question such as:

1. Why Ipoh has an airport without plane flying in?
2. Why when OKT is asking people to vote out LKS because he is old, why the same is not said to Bodohwi and Samy Vellu?
3. Can MCA and Gerakan guarantee that price of petrol and other essential will no good up after election?
4. Why after 50 years, the chinese are still chinese, the indians are still indians and the malays are still malays?
5. Why NEP has not been abolished yet and why we are all born in Malaysia but are not entitled to bumi status?
6. Why MCA has not asked for more chinese schools to be build as promised?
7. Why when OKT was telling DAP that they are greedy going for Parliament and State seats but the same was not told to Bodohwi that he is holding the post of PM, Home Affairs and Finance portfolio? Why is he still holding 2 ministerial post?
8. Why MCA talks highly about developing Kinta Valley when Ong Kah Chuan is standing in Tg Malim?
9. Why Ong Kah Chuan did not served the people of Batu Gajah as promised by him that he will do so even if he lose the election?
10. What has MCA and Gerakan got to say about body snatching by Jakim? Or did they actually dare to say anything?

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Focus on Kinta Valley


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