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In a bid to secure Indian votes, opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim is riding on the popularity and fame of another superstar – Rajnikanth.

sivaji tamil movie coliseum fiasco 150607 ticket boothRajnikanth or Rajni as he is popularly known to his fans is the superstar of the Tamil cinema and one of the region’s highest paid actors.

Last year, Rajnikanth starred in the magnum opus ‘Sivaji the Boss’ which ran to packed cinemas around the world, including Malaysia.

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Indians generally hero worship, film stars, and a look at Chennai the Tamil capital, Karunanidhi, Vijayakanth, Jeyalalitha, Sarath Kumar are people connected with the film industry, and, they are political leaders. Of course when one is in the teens, it is common for them to have film heroes as their favorites, and whether it is a healthy or unhealthy past time, you cannot avoid it. People like MGR did a lot of help for the poor Indians in Chennai and he was looked upon with awe and respect.

An ordinary man, with the cares and worries of present day living, wants some time to forget the aches of living and be in a fantasy world of everything being rosy and this is what they do when seeing their heroes on screen. I think it is a healthy thing to do.

So, Rajnikanth has come to the rescue of popularising PKR and Anwar. Nothing wrong with this, the idea is to change Barisan Nasional or to make the party smaller than what it is today. The means is not important, but the end is. Let Anwar be the Boss and let the Indians support PKR.

Let us vote wisely tomorrow.


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