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Bersih slams Najib’s jet campaign trips

Polls reform group Bersih has criticised Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak for making use of a government Fokker executive jet during the campaign period.

straits times article on najib campaign trail 060308 photoLast Tuesday, New Straits Times featured a photograph of Najib taking a nap with her daughter in the plane while on the way to campaign in Kelantan.

Bersih committee member and PKR candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat Tian Chua said it is illegal for Najib to use the jet for campaigning because the Fokker belongs to the government.

“He’s also bringing his family members on the aircraft. That’s a violation of the election law,” said Chua, when contacted by Malaysiakini today.

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He still thinks he is the Deputy Prime Minister. Some one must send him a bill for use of the Fokker.

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  1. that’s cause he’s a f..
    never mind~

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