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Mahathir: Samy stifled Indian voices

The problems plaguing the Indian community could be resolved by removing MIC president S Samy Vellu who stifled Indian voices, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday.

“(Indian Progressive Front president MG) Pandithan was got rid of, (former MIC deputy president S) Subramaniam was got rid of, K Pathmanaban died but of course before that, he was (former MIC vice president).

“That is his (Samy Vellu) way of doing things and of course the other voices cannot reach me. And of course, he doesn’t say there is this battling among the Indians,” he explained.

Samy Vellu who is the works minister and the longest serving Cabinet minister has been the MIC president since 1979 for 10 consecutive terms.

Mahathir also criticised Samy for creating excuses about bringing up Indian issues at the Cabinet level.

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Now we know what ails the Indian Community. A single person, devoid of human feelings, calling himself an Indian, cheating them to the core, lying and misleading his own community, and above all a venomous snake who wants every Indian to believe he is giving them the kiss of life. Can anybody be so despicable. If you have seen Tamil films, many a time the villain is chased by the people, with none of his followers around him, running and running until he hurls himself from a hill to doom and the people rejoice the trouble creator is dead. That is in celluloid, in actual life, the curses, the anger, and the final verdict let the fellow wallow in his own filth is sufficient I think. With him must go his followers who hid the truth from the people, afraid they will lose their jobs. They, hopefully will take the cue and disappear or vamoose from the scene, failing which, they will suffer the same as Sami.

Lets us see what Samy did all these years, and I can imagine, he would have never thought all the filth and misery of his past doings will come to light. People in MIC knew but they were frightened of Samy knowing the fate of people who showed any resistance to the President.

He stifled Indian voices, he never allowed anyone to come up, it was never pro-Malay policy that caused the problems, he is the only channel of communication to the Prime Minister, misleading the PM everything is okay with the Indians. This Samy did with Mahathir, who is anytime a better man than Badawi. How much more would Samy would have done during the last 4 years with a Prime Minister with weakness in many departments. Samy would have had him eating from his hands.

Sam your time is up.



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