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Malaysiakini must be congratulated in allowing Former MIC leader N Periasamay, to say his piece.

He is not a spoiler, which will be known when the votes are counted, who knows he may win and the other two will be spoilers.

He will not be encumbered by party policies, his own manifesto, if he has got one will help, or is he going to tag along and think of policies on a day to basis.

The other good point, opposition will always object, but he will follow the trend of what Government decides, and I wonder why must one vote him, must as well vote Barisan.

He had been a dissenter in MIC from 1986 to 2002, a whole 16 years, perhaps he can explain why it took him this long to change, perhaps MIC was not bad at all, after all they dish out some crumbs from time to time.

To my mind, if you vote an Independent, might as well you stand as one, as Periasamy has agreed to get the RM 10,000 as deposit. Why wait?

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Periasamy: Now everyone can contest

Former MIC leader N Periasamay may be seen by Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition parties as the spoiler in the three-way contest for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat.

Periasamy, however, said he is only “blazing the way” to provide voters with an alternative in the elections.

periasamy lembah pantai independent 040308 card“I wish to be seen as a launch pad for independent candidates. Whether you’re a student or a worker or a missionary, I’m an example to prove that anybody can stand for elections,” he said when met in Bangsar.
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  1. This guy looks to me like the Thanggamalr video shop owner.

    He is a well know VCD pararteer. I remember a huge lorry came and carted away tons of Tamil & Hindi pirated CDs from his outlet. His shop was raided so many times. After the big raid, he and his brother never came by their shop- heard the authorities are looking for them. Kamal Haasan once created a ruckus in Chennai against this shop where his production movie was available in KL even before the theater release in India.

    If such loose characters are allowed to stand in elections…..OH MY GOD- God have mercy on us.

    I am really sorry if this guy is not of Thanggamalar.

  2. Dear kolaar,

    I held back your comments as I was waiting to get confirmation from someone I knew as to the true identity of this person. I did not get the reply and I approved your comment. Sorry for the delay.

    Your comments keep me going, to write more, please remember that.

  3. Yes. I got the confirmation yesterday. This guy is the real Thanggamalr video pirate.

    He looks to be a BN planted spoiler. I saw that his outlets signboard had been removed. Think to get off the legal entanglement he must have agreed to split the Indian votes which are sure to go to Anwar’s daughter.

    Please forgive me if I am raising this issue this time around. I just want good and dedicated people to lead us. I don’t think we can afford to be taken for a ride further. 50 years is already too much.

  4. Dear Kolaar,

    Thanks for the info. There can be no doubt this chap is put there to split the votes and he has been planted to garner Indian votes. Only one thing bothers me. Indians, particularly Tamils like us, have been noted to be wavering reeds – I hope you are not offended. But it may be due to our romanticism for which Tamils are noted for. But I hope the present situation will make the Indians firm and not be influenced by outside factors. We can be romantically inclined when the time is ripe but not for 24 hours. Then it becomes a malaise.

    Any way let’s wait and see, keeping our fingers crossed.

    By the way don’t be disturbed, you raised this issue, you have the freedom to say anything at any time in this blog.

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