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Now, Mohamad Kader Ali, of Gepima, (Malaysian Indian Muslim Youth Movement), wants all Indian Muslims to be called Malays. I read a lot of crab in the internet but once in a way I do meet gems like this one. MKA, better I refer to his initials, is brilliant, far ahead of many Malaysians, and every world he utters is a gem. I feel he should be given more importance and his name should be carved in the annals of history. Do not forget MKA, he is going far and I would like to join his band wagon. The only problem is I am Indian but not Muslim, will he accept me as I may benefit, from his ideals. Ideals which he alone can articulate and argue eloquently.

Nobody seems to understand his plight, he has a problem can’t say whether he is Muslim or Hindu. He has inferiority complex because he is regarded as an Indian.

He is now following all the customs of Malays but still people don’t call him Malay.

For 50 years he has suffered because he can’t be considered a cat or a rat, pure agony, hope the Government will understand.

The Registrar of Companies can’t recognise he is a Malay, what pure agony.

He has forgotten Tamil, cannot wear sari only baju kurung or kebaya, another horror of horrors.

The people in Malaysia Today who commented on his article are cruel and have no sympathy for MKA. He stands alone.

His only wish he must be called a Malay, but would Indian Malay, South Indian Malay, a New Malay, Brown Malay, Indian aka Malay, Malay New Breed satisfy him. Gepima must call for a meeting with these propasals.

Good luck to you.

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Malaysian Indian Muslims want to be called Malays

(IANS) – Members of the Malaysian Indian Muslim community want to be known as Malays and not Indians and want the law to be rationalised in their favour.

The federal constitution states that an Indian is a Malay ‘if he professes the Muslim religion, habitually speaks Malay and conforms to Malay custom’.

‘These traits are practised by Muslims of Indian origin today,’ claimed Mohamed Kader Ali, president of the Malaysian Indian Muslim Youth Movement (Gepima).

‘We feel uncomfortable to be known as Indians, because people automatically think we are Hindus when we are actually Muslim,’ The New Straits Times quoted Ali as saying.
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  1. This is an insult to th Indian Muslim Community. We are Indians by race and Muslims by religion. Our history is more than 2000 yrs, the Malays were Muslims since Parameswara converted- and it was exactly as the Tamil saying goes- ‘arasu evvalzhi makkal avvalzhi’.
    I am sad to say within my/our community there are people who are bankrupt of their cultural superiority and their historical richness. Even the Quran says we created mankind it’s variety so that we can identify and appreciate that differences.

    This Kadir guy was working along with me as a despatch rider and has no education or knowledge. He is just proving that.

  2. Dear Kolaar,

    Welcome back. As I was writing this post an hour ago, I thought about you, and you would be surprised I framed it in a way so as not to cause distress to my Indian Muslim readers. I don’t benefit by bashing. Some are just without brains, and I suppose we have to tolerate them.

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