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My first foray into blogspere, not even a word in the dictionary yet, but commonly used by bloggers, was on the demolition of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Padang Jawa (some call this place Kampung Karuppiah) on October 30 last year. This temple was built in 1873 with a 22 metre tower or gopuram.Things started moving quickly after this. There was a total black out of the incident by the news media except Malaysiakini. Apparently there existed a court order, 3 years old, for the demolition of this temple, in addition to houses and a surau. Samy Vellu protested to the Mentri Besar but he refused to over rule the demolition quoting the court order.

I always had in my mind, the Hindraf rally, was a time of enlightenment or a fresh dawn that brings forth new ideas and action. But, the prelude was the temple demolition, coupled of course with the Bersih rally.

To summarise the following developments have taken place:

5 leaders are still detention under ISA

I believe quite a number of participants, Hindraf and rose procession are still facing unfinished court hearings

Makkal Sakthi a loose grouping of people power has taken over the mantle for Indian welfare

MIC is in disarray

Indians are facing election day, some quite game to admit they are voting the opposition; others undecided somewhat sitting on the fence.

Amongst all these comes the announcement Hindraf requesting people vote the opposition. In a way this announcement may induce the fence sitters to decide on the next move. Hindraf, meanwhile must remain apolitical, although Manoharan, who was a DAP member is contestng. Hindraf has gathered the Indians together as a single unit, which MIC never did; MIC was for sycophants out to make a fast buck, which the ordinary man and woman in the street did not agree, hence MIC membership was only touted by a selected group.
What about MIC a party set up in 1946 with pure intentions to guard the welfare of the Indians? It did that beautifully, until the demise of Tun V.T.Sambanthan, thereafter it deteriorated into a money making institution in the likes of UMNO and MCA. Hindraf, is a choice, but then there have been too many splinter groups like Pandithans IPF, MIUP with Nallakaruppan being the head and one by V.Govindaraj, the name escapes me now, two were formed to fight MIC or to be more specific Samy Vellu and MUIP against Anwar. None of these groups prospered, the ideals were were shallow, fighting personal battles and nothing to show for helping the Indians.

Hindraf I suggest remain apolitical, it has served its purpose to bring the Indians together, spelt our very clearly the hardships that Indians have to overcome and in any case I can’t imagine the Government giving permission for it to be a political party. Hindraf should remain a formidable force to object when discrimination is practised against, no matter who, somewhat like a big brother of justice and fair deal.

MIC must be revamped, a complete clean up of the present leaders old and new. Samy and those who revere him as a demi-god outwardly to gain favours but who are basically a yes man group, and will change sides like changing into a fresh shirt everyday, must go. Believe me they will kowtow to a donkey if this animal is a president.

We must have a dedicated leader like Tun V.T.Sambanthan. It is a tall order, and getting rid of the present MIC group is even harder, but as long as MIC is kept irrelevant and redundant, with no support from the Indians, I feel the day will come when the Government itself will have to admit that MIC or the leaders of MIC have lost their grip and should go. That day will surely come.

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Vote opposition, Hindraf tells supporters

Barely two weeks after stating its intention to remain non-partisan in the elections, the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has changed its stance – it is now asking supporters to vote for opposition candidates.

p waytha moorthy“Let us all do our part to deny BN the two-thirds majority as the ‘first step’ and work towards a progressive, cohesive and strong opposition representation in Parliament,” said Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoothy today.

He said the opposition has committed to resolving issues affecting the Indian Malaysian community.

“Fifty years of blind loyalty to the BN is enough,” he said in email communication from London where he has been living in self-imposed exile since last December.
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