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One would be mistaken that Indian Progressive Front (IPF) president M G Pandithan is contesting in the elections going by the numerous posters and banners depicting him in several constituencies.

mg pandithan frail weak hospital 021006In fact Pandithan is fighting for his life at the General Hospital and has been politically inanimate for long, but some MIC candidates have resurrected his name, face and memory, to squeeze some capital.

They are hoping his former followers who now form the backbone of Hindraf, will sympathise and back them by a long shot.

It shows how desperate MIC which ignored, belittled and condemned Pandithan for many years is, now trying to kick some dust out of a political dead horse.

It is widely believed that Pandithan, who has been seriously ill for over a year is dying. But his wife issued a statement to the Tamil dailies on Sunday that he is being treated and will “get well” and return home.

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One feels sorry for MIC, Samy Vellu is no more the leading light and leader. Well things must go on, why not recall Subra, V.Govindaraj, D.P.Vijendran ex stalwarts who may help.

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