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I am sorry to say this Carol Chew Chee Lin, has got a gender problem, a jealous woman who cannot stand Teresa Kok.

Not knowing her history I can only surmise, Teresa is more beautiful than her, has more charisma, more a lady, more famous, a winner, and someone who can succeed in life.

Carol Chew Chee Lin, on the other hand has no class, not fit to wear a good dress as she will look lumpy, a plain Jane and likely not to succeed.She will have a problem “living up to the Jones’s,”

So Theresa ignore her let her stew in her own juice, you have other important things to do. Show her an example of a lady, an ignore her. She deserves it.

Kok raps rival over ‘sexist’ posters

DAP incumbent Teresa Kok has been the target of sexist campaign tactics before but when assailing her MCA challenger for hanging ‘sexist’ posters, the politician today said she expected more from a woman opponent.

Yesterday, Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Seputeh parliamentary seat, Carol Chew Chee Lin, launched a poster campaign that criticised Kok for contesting both the Seputeh seat and Kinrara state seat.

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  1. You should write Carol Chew a letter like I did.

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