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Koh fails to stop – just looks and goes
Koh – contesting his first parliamentary seat in Batu Kawan which covers the Valdor area – ignored the calls and drove on by.

“We cannot allow them to hold a protest illegally,” explained an officer, who advised the residents to obtain a permit in future.

Retorted a resident: “We will apply for a permit, but will the police issue one for us to protest against the BN? We want a new school for our children, not a police permit to hold demonstration.”
This was reflected in the Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil slogans on the placards, translated as:

  • What happened to the promises made by Najib and Koh in 1997 and 2004?
  • How many more elections do we have to wait?
  • We will protest until the promises are fulfilled.
  • Don’t cheat the people of Valdor.
  • We want what is rightfully ours.
“The BN wants our votes but refuses to solve our problems. At least the DAP has been voicing our plight in the state assembly and Parliament.”
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I thought it was Samy Vellu who always took the brunt of jeers and boos, he has good company now in the Gerakan Dr Koh Tsu Koon. Congratulations Doctor now you are in good company, Samy can always give you a few pointers how he keeps his calm.With the arrival of Police, the circumstances were there, no Police permit, tear gas, chemical water and a few arrests. But the Penang Police were tolerant enough not to do it, and perhaps thought, the 200 odd people had a reason to vent their anger.

For 20 years the problem exists: Koh, Najib and also MIC leaders knew this. How can they be leaders of the people if they promise and then don’t do anything. Call them liars and cheats – but then they are thick skinned and the rain will have no effect on their hide.

The Indians are accosted vote Barison Nasional for your future, without them you will disintegrate. They did so in the past, what gratitude was extended to them. They will vote even a donkey from the opposition at least the donkey won’t cheat and lie.

How low can they get. They use the peoples money as if it belongs to them, the cheating and lying custodians of the peoples money, and then fail to provide basic amenities.

They will burn in hell, if this really happens.


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  1. It is really sad that the BN Govt could lie and cheat the ordinary rakyat. Promise after promise from The DPM, CM, Senior Ministers, MPs, ADUNs, Govt officers, MY GOD!!!!!!! Just could not believe they do this this sort of cheating.

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