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Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today stressed that the government is not in slumber but has worked hard.

Abdullah said a good government needed to provide the space and opportunities for the people to continue to progress and not become lazy or complacent.

He criticised the opposition’s proposal to create a welfare state where each household earning less than RM6,000 monthly be given an annual bonus of RM6,000.

“We cannot give people fish for a lifetime, but teach them to fish and tell them where to fish so that they become self-reliant,” he said.

“If we give them money, they will quickly spend it, contributing to inflation. But what the government does is to introduce policies and measures for people to generate more income to reduce their financial burden,” he added.

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What a welcome announcement. So Badawi was not sleeping, the pictures of him closing his eyes was just that he was resting. Malaysians believe him, just a week away from election he has made this important announcement and unjust people accusing him of sleeping.

The other worthy statement was government cannot give people fish for a lifetime, but it will teach them to fish and show them where to fish. Wise words, becoming even wiser, the people will be told where to fish, the list should be out soon. Take courage Malaysians, once the list is out we will become self-reliant.

Another relevant point, money cannot be given outright to the people, they will spend the money leading to inflation. What! He gave RM 600 million to the UMNO divisional heads, is that the reason we are having inflation now. Any Economist there can explain.


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