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Women activists manhandled by MIC workers

A group of woman rights activists today took their campaign for gender equality right to the doors of MIC president S Samy Vellu in Sungai Siput, only to be forcibly removed from the scene.

samy vellu sungai siput campaign 020308 defiantsThe incident happened this morning when three activists from the Joint Action Group for Gender� Equality (JAG) arrived at the Convention Hall in Sungai Siput after learning that Samy Vellu was to conduct a press conference at the venue.

samy vellu sungai siput campaign 020308 defiants

samy vellu sungai siput campaign 020308 argueThese party workers attempted to remove the three activists before Samy Vellu’s arrival and in the process had manhandled at least one of the activists. They also damaged the placards and banners carried by the three women.
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Understandably Hindraf makes Samy Vellu go into cold sweat and a recurring nightmare. This is to be expected, because he has never been confronted by main issues by a big group, 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000. Telecoms shares and Maika scandle he could take in his stride but Hindraf turned the tables.But here just 3 ladies, fighting for gender equality, became another night mare for the numero uno. Three decades he rules but three women frighten him. It is hard to believe. Surely this Hindraf fellows have mellowed him from a roaring lion to a whimpering mouse.

His goons around him did no better. Manhandling a woman is clear indication they are scums of the gutters. Their background is suspect and I wonder whether they know to differentiate gender, each requiring tact of a different kind from a male.

Sexist remarks like “toilets are like new brides” just flow out from Samy Vellu, and it would have been a scene to watch if he had replied to the ladies instead of calling it a political ploy – ploy of what nature I wonder. I wonder if he started his matrimonial life with words like, “you are beautiful, you are like a new toilet” the architect in him acting up; can’t really blame him.

Meera Samanther and group, you were great. Additional reading on sexist remarks follows here.


  1. chuck this scumbag out of sg.siput this time around

  2. this will effect stupid Samy’s election

  3. Send in more hantu tangachis to chase him out of sungai siput.

  4. What can you expect from this ‘smelly – loo’ who has created such a stink even his own Indians can’t stand him?
    Smelly loo is really in DEEP shit and the fact that ‘loo’ and ‘shit’ go together should be comfortable and comforting. Agree????

  5. 3 cheers for the 3 Thagathees. if they can halau samy out of stinky Sg Siput, I’ll buy them breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days!!!

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