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Samy: Here’s what we have done

MIC president S Samy Vellu today revealed statistic on the financial and other assistance provided by the government to help the Indian community in a bid to counter allegations by the opposition.

samy vellu sungai siput campaign 020308 explainHe said the government had provided a grant of RM300 million over the last few years to build the MIC-run Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) University in Kedah.

He said almost RM100 million was allocated under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to assist in the rebuilding of fully-aided and partially-aided Tamil schools of which RM30 million were approved recently.

“The government also gave us an initial grant of RM8 million to build the TAFE College in Seremban which has to-date produced 44,000 para-professionals,” he said when asked on the allegations by the opposition that the government did nothing or little to help the Indian community.
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I am no economist, to throw figures around. Generally figures are shared to prove or otherwise issues relating to socio-economic issues. Samy has a weakness for figures; this I found out when reading an earlier article on him spoofing figures. See: to be fare him let me analyse the figures he gives:

300 million MIC-run Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) University in Kedah.

130 million Tamil Schools

8 million Tafe College

1 million Temples

4 million Micro-loan fund

That makes a whooping 443 million dollars. A big sum for me, considering my counting a thousand dollars takes the least 2 or 3 recounts before being satisfied.

I hope all the money went to the respective institutions, and they benefited, casting aside my concern and fear of the infamous Telecoms shares and Maika; two big thorns still troubling without an end.

But figures, that the yard stick to measure the prosperity of the Indians, are meaningless without tangible and seen results.

The Asian Centre for Human Rights has this to say:

In 1970, the overall share of wealth of the ethnic Indians stood at 1.1 percent but three decades later, their overall share of wealth increased only slightly to about 1.5 percent which is disproportionately less in relation to their population. [1]

Indian origin Malaysians constitute about 8% of the total population. But, they also constituted 15 percent of juvenile delinquents, about 50 percent of all convicts in prisons in 2004, [2] and 41% of the beggars in 2003. [3] According to Hindu Rights Action Force, the percentage of Indians in the civil service fell from 40% in 1957 to less than 2% in 2005. [4] According to official records, 30-35 Indian origin Malaysians per 100,000 committed or attempted to commit suicide annually as compared to 10-12 Malaysians per 100,000 in 2006. [5]

In education, Indian origin Malaysians made up of less than 5% of the total university intake of over 45,000 annually. Nearly half of the 523 Tamil vernacular schools do not receive any government funds although they are in shambles. [6]

Elsewhere I read Ananda Krishnan owns 1% of the share of the wealth and Indians have 0.5 % out of 1.5%. Please check my maths.


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