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Abdullah Announces Appointment Of 2,000 Monitoring Officers

KOTA BAHARU, Feb 29 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tonight announced the appointment of 2,000 graduates as Price Monitoring Officers under the National Price Council (MHBN) set up by the government recently.

In making the announcement, Abdullah said they were all appointed on contract for one year with a monthly salary of RM1,500.

“Their main task is to gather information on the price and supply of essential goods daily and submit them to the Council,” he said at a dinner with educators, here tonight.
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Another gimmick by the Prime Minister to appease the uncertainty of the voters and population in regard to shortage of essential goods and price hikes. Will this RM 3 million paid monthly by the people, result in a daily price index published throughout the country for the people’s convenience and resorting to alternates when prices spiral.

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  1. Pak Lah is King of Announcement in fact he should change his position from PM to MA- Minister of Announcement.

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