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Ginie Lim moves about with a smile

Ginie Lim moves about with a smile
ALOR GAJAH: Moving in small groups of up to 10 people, Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Ginie Lim Siew Lin, is never without a smile when she calls on voters in the Machap constituency

Meeting up with the New Straits Times after six hours of house to house campaigning in Machap Umboo, Machap Baru, Hutan Perca, Tebong, Kemuning and Melaka Pindah yesterday, she still looked fresh.

Being one of the youngest candidates in the general election, Lim attributed her all day fresh looks to the excitement of meeting voters.

“There are women out there who face numerous problems but they prefer to keep mum. We want this to change… women have to learn to speak up and voice their feelings.

Urging the people to vote for change and a chance for the voice of women and the youth to be heard in the Malacca State Assembly, Lim said many women in the country often suffered in silence.
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The first time I looked at the picture she looked like any other girl in the neighbor hood, but don’t be deceived as “appearences can be deceptive”.The other thing that came to my mind is the Batu Gajah cilli padi Fong Po Kuan, and I am more than happy to call her cilli padi II, not only as an encouragement but to boost her up in her campaign.

Well lady, give them hell in the assembly in Malacca, and let Rustam get warm around his collar every time he confronts you.

I am always for woman to take an interest in politics, as mothers as their maternal instincts and consideration are high compared to the males relating to their family and children. Their response will belittle their so called weak gender.

Fight on lady, best wishes.


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