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PORT KLANG: Former Port Klang state assemblyman Datuk Zakaria
Md Deros has denied lobbying to have his daughter-in-law, Roselinda Abdul Jalil,
selected to replace him.

Roselinda Abdul Hamid

“Maybe the party leadership considered my contribution to the
community and party before nominating my daughter-in-law.”

Zakaria said the opposition had played up the matter, accusing Umno and Barisan
Nasional of practicing nepotism.

Zakaria denied that his name was dropped as he was involved in building the
infamous “istana Zakaria” without the approval of the Klang Municipal Council.

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This is the first time I am hearing that the contribution to the community of the father-in-law can result in the nomination of a daughter-in-law. So this daughter-in-law lacks merits to be nominated. UMNO made a mistake Zakaria should have been selected for his past contribution to the party, voters, the state, UMNO, and Malaysia.

A chap who should have been condemned and convicted now plays innocence, and that at the expense of UMNO. Long live UMNO.


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