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Buntong is an Indian area. Lee Tung Lai the Buntong Tiger as he is known is well liked by the Indians.He is a local boy and admittedly well liked. Unlike G.Rajoo the MIC chief, who is a misfit there, survived because of Samy Vellu. Perhaps that is one of the reasons he was dropped.Hindraf changed everything. Eggs thrown was an extreme provocation, which the people of Buntong did and Lee is a casualty of this move.I was discussing the implications of Hindraf with a group in Ipoh and I was surprised that in Jalan Sungei Pari the main road leading to Buntong had about 50 to 70 shrines and temples, which I wanted to check, but gave it up for want of time.

I believe Buntong is now in the hands of the opposition, surprisingly, all because of Hindraf.

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Buntong’s Indians play kingmakers

Buntong in Perak is unique – this constituency has the distinction of having the highest proportion of Indian voters in the country, about 46 percent of its 21,930 electorate.

And the grassroots sentiments among the Indian community this time around makes the electoral contest in this state seat an interesting one to watch.

Feelings on the ground is filled with Hindraf sentiment, with claims of Indian marginalisation is well alive in every corner of Buntong. Dissatisfaction towards the ruling BN and Umno has now been turned into hatred towards the MIC and its chief, S Samy Vellu.

Just few weeks ago, a group of youths threw eggs at both MIC Perak chief G Rajoo and Perak Mentri Besar Tajol Rosli Ghazali at a function here. While both the politicians deny being hit, eyewitnesses said at least one egg hit the MIC man.

The ex-national athlete said the ground sentiment was changing slowly in favour of the ruling party.
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  1. hi..bro..
    gud article.
    keep blogging

  2. What the rakyat needs is a more voice in the parliament or even better a new government who really care for the rakyat. No more corruption, no more marginalization, no more high crimes, no more unequal distribution of rights and privileges.etc

    Wake up people. Time to make the difference. Time for a change. Vote DAP, Keadilan or any opposition. Deny BN corrupted power by giving more power to oppositions.

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