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‘Barisanputras’ getting it all, not bumiputeras

This is a monumental letter to be written and in a way pinpoints what malady the Malaysians are suffering from. It is timely and requires deep analysis and reason.

The opposition is all out to capture the non-Malays vote, pointing out a hundred reasons why they have been overlooked in the development of the country, education, jobs, promotions, religion, higher education etc etc. This gives the impression the Malays are fully, I repeat fully enjoying the fruits of development of this country. This is a fallacy. PKR banners talk about increase in toll, petrol and consumable goods, PAS goes on Muslim sentiments, but the main defect has not explained. The Malays are slowly being strangled out of the benefits due to them. Felda benefits, civil servants benefit, and these are pittance to what the Malays are losing out. Not all Malays are beneficiary of Felda or civil servant grants.

Yes, the children get scholarships, enjoy discounts on houses, get Government jobs and so forth. The non-Malays grumble the Malays get privileges, the NEP is for them, contracts,opportunities in government ventures all go to them. The NEP was formulated to help the Malays get in par with the non-Malays. It helped, there are more professionals now in the country compared some years back. But all this misses the point. Not all the Malays are rich, the equitable distribution of wealth to the Malays is a myth.

The Barisanputras, (I like the name), are just taking away everything and leaving the crumbs to the Malays and non-Malays. Non-Malays with the right connections share the loot. But out of 60% of the Malays, how many have had a share of what is distributed freely to UMNO and its toadies. In actual fact the Malays should not even think of paying more for toll, petrol and goods, as they could afford it, if they had been compensated with the easy coming money like Zakaria of Klang did with his mansion in Klang. The Malays should in fairness be part of the mansion not physically but why Zakaria alone a few more Malays besides him should get a share. He is special, in that he is close with the hierarchy of the government but what about the other Malay who is not. Has he got to be paying UMNO member and rub shoulders with the UMNO leaders to get the privilege. The leaders don’t care of the wealth of Zakaria because their wealth as well comes in this way out of patronising with the ones above them and this goes on as a cycle to the top.

Some Malays are even worst off than the non-Malays, and this is a fact, I live in a Malay area of middle/lower groups. Why, the wealth of the Malays which should have been shared, goes to somebody else.

In time to come there are going to be 3 categories of Malays, the super rich, middle class all professionals and civil servants etc, and the worst poor taxi drivers, shopkeepers and the lot. You cannot draw a fine line to difference but as a whole this will be the situation caused by an inefficient government out to create the super rich and in that creation have people like Zakaria, leaving the non-UMNO card member worse than the non-Malays.

All is not lost, another week is there for the people to decide, not only their situation but as well of the children and grandchildren. Admit it the cake is getting smaller and smaller, fair sharing or failure is left in the hands of Malaysians.

‘Barisanputras’ getting it all, not bumiputeras

Chelva | Mar 1, 08 5:16pm

Malaysians (whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Orang Asli or some other race), it should be clear to you that we have not had an opposition front as strong and competitive as the Barisan Nasional since independence.

Fifty years have gone by, and the government machinery has failed to unite Malaysians of all races. Instead, it has cleverly used a ‘divide and rule’ policy to cling to power without uplifting the poor and needy.

Poverty exists amongst all races in Malaysia. It is more common in the Malay and Indian communities although there are still poor Chinese people living in rural parts of Malaysia.

Despite the affirmative action policies of the government to enrich and uplift the Malays for the past 30 years, a majority of the Malays are still poor. They are as badly marginalised and downtrodden as the Indians. It is a well-known fact that it is the Barisanputras – not the common bumiputeras – who are benefitting most.

In essence, the Malays who are not benefitting from affirmative action policies hold grudges against Umno, just as Indians hold grudges against MIC and the Chinese against the Gerakan and the MCA.

The most important point for all of us to understand is that we are all affected by BN in one way or another as it is not a government by the people, for the people. It is a government that has thrived by dividing its people using the sensitive issues of race and religion over the past 50 years. As a result, only certain select groups of people have benefitted.

The opposition parties still do not seem to understand Malaysian politics, despite contesting for so many general elections. They always brainwash and woo the Chinese and Indians into voting for them, but they forget and overlook the Malay masses with the ultimate power to elect the right government.

The DAP can easily get the support of dissatisfied Chinese and Indians. PAS and PKR should not waste their precious time in wooing Chinese and Indian voters. Instead, they should garner the unwavering support of the rural Malays who seem to blindly support Umno without realising what is good for them and the country in the long-term.

DAP, PKR and PAS must compromise, sacrifice and stand together to fight for the common goal of a government by the people, for the people.

If we mess it up again this time, we will have to wait another five years. Life is very simple provided you make the right choices and decisions as you cruise along the journey of life. If things go wrong and bad things happen to you, do not blame others; blame yourself for making the wrong choices and decisions.

‘Barisanputras’ getting it all, not bumiputeras

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  1. The making of a Nation: Of Pimps and Prostitutes

    “The State, not family, faith or community, is the guarantor of personal liberty and intellectual freedom that all citizens need look to. While the state can oppress, it is only the state that can create the conditions for freedom and can protect people from those who would curtail that freedom. Other forms of social organisation, such as religions, tribes, gangs, political cults and companies, cannot do this and, in many cases, do just the opposite”.
    In Malaysia during the last few decades we have witnessed the unravelling of this core principle; the state as the sole temporal authority, protector of the Rule of law and arbiter of justice has been jettisoned summarily. Elected dictators have long dispensed with the liberties and rights of the citizens of the country they govern. All pretence of due process and the separation of powers ABANDONED; cynical, manipulative and contemptuous of voters, self-serving functionaries, fraudulent, patronising, self-aggrandising, unprincipled and steeped in the corruption.
    UMNO has cultivated and institutionalised both the feared and fearful client class of race and religious groups; its dependents, unable even to imagine standing on their own feet. A malignant force perpetuating a repressive retrograde Communitarianism; paralysing the social and intellectual development of very community it purports to champion. That slight of hand, that brandishing of swords, that jingoistic Nationalism – all a sham – to hold on to power to feed its cavernous greed. It has presided over the most shameful venal politics: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, and Politics without principle.
    “It tells lies in an environment where alternative views are not heard. It tells people what they want to hear; give them simple solutions to complex problems, enemies on whom they can blame their discontents, promises to satisfy their narrow aspirations, spectacles and ceremonies to stir the emotions and suppress critical thinking”.
    It has undermined the very basis of the economic and social parity it proclaims.
    It engendered a breed of parasitic ‘hangers on’; a fractured and polarized society where the LINGHAMS’ and TANS’ tout and pimp for the amoral ruling elite. Vultures circling for rich pickings off rotting flesh.
    The outcome? Alienation and apartheid that has become the abiding state of affairs, where coercion, thuggery, intimidation are commonplace. Instead of providing the framework for the intellectual, economic and social advancement, it has shackled a community to defunct racial and religious ideology to bolster its own power crazed frenzy. It has deliberately crippled the ‘able bodied’ and handed it ‘faulty crutches’.
    “A society that puts equality – in the sense of equality of outcome – ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom….” Milton Friedman.
    The world’s free societies are those where tribalism and religion has been tamed by the nation-state. In these countries, religion has been detached from the state by constitutional rules.
    It is time to unhitch this unholy, dysfunctional BN alliance. – CHANGE is long overdue!

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