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The opposition is not just fighting with Barisan Nasional candidates, but with IGP, Rashid the election man, the local councils and UMNO goons.Posters have been removed, campaign speeches cut short, and this the arrest beats them all.

Najib in one breath speaks about May 13 and fair elections.

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Segambut candidate claims political intimidation

His election campaign manager was arrested on nomination day, handcuffed and detained for six hours without any reasons given.

Two days later, the campaign manager’s car was splashed with acid and paint.

“He said a police report was made against Peh, so they arrested him. He failed to give me any more details and next thing I know, he left the police station leaving me, Peh and his subordinates behind,” he related.

“There was an offence committed. He was arrested after a police report made against him for trespassing and not because he was the campaign manager (for Lim).

“I asked the highest-ranked officer in the police station – an ASP who refused to give me his name – what was Peh’s crime.

mahkota cheras police brutality suit 241007 lim lip engThe Klang-based lawyer told Malaysiakini that on nomination day, his campaign manager Peh Thiam Hock was arrested at 11pm without any valid reason and was handcuffed in Jinjang police station.
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  1. That’s BN is ( INTIMIDATION) they have all machinery, the police , SPR, Mat Repit, Rela. They were scared now , so that how they going to threaten they people, so that they will win this election by hook or by crook.

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