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So it is postponed..Another report from Malaysia Today says “Reporter friends who were there said that Razak shouted again and again, “Matilah kau Pak Lah! Matilah Pak Lah! I am innocent! I am innocent!” Then he went into a mad rampage and kicked the chairs and doors in the courtroom. Even the Judge was shocked and did not know what to do. Both the defense lawyers and the prosecution team were also all shocked.” The link is:

What’s happening, I wonder.

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Altantuya’s trial is postponed AGAIN! On the 94th day of the trial, Judge Zaki Mohd Yakin shifts the hearing to March 17, for no apparent or justifiable reason. Altantuya’s justice delayed will be further delayed and denied till after the 12 General Elections.

The question that comes to everyone’s mind is: who ordered the postponement? After the infamous LINGAM GATE controvery, anything is possible in the judiciary of Malaysia, truly Asia.

Did Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak�order the postponement?

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