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Blogger-candidate slaps himself – twice
Ki Mae Heussner | Feb 29, 08 7:30pm
Blogger and opposition candidate Jeff Ooi did something he never could have done online. He slapped himself on the cheek. Twice.

jeff ooi slap himself at a dap event 290208On the soapbox at a Bukit Bendera ceramah last night, Ooi revealed that he had previously voted for the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

Stumping for a spirited crowd, the DAP candidate for the Jelutong parliamentary seat in Penang confessed his political transgressions and paid his penance gamely.
“Ten years ago (in 1999), I was so stupid! I voted Barisan Nasional – so stupid!” the blogger-cum-politician exclaimed, smacking himself on the cheek.� “Cukup-lah!”
But he said he did not learn the lesson.
“In 2004, we got tired of (ex-premier Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) and we have new Mr Nice Guy, Mr Clean (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi). I voted for him as well.
And what have I got? I got VK Lingam… Another hit on my face!” Smack!
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Theatrics aside, most of the people who traditionally voted Barisan Nasional, feel the same shame in various degrees, depending on age and status. From Mahathir to Badawi the people are strangled positively, every freedom from birth to death given a new meaning, ala UMNO. Barisan was formed in good faith with the main idea of uniting the Malaysians, live peacefully as citizens of this wonderful country Malaysia, Our fore-fathers who nurtured this country from infancy would now turn in their graves if they know, the plight, the uselessness, impotence the children grand-children and great grand-children of their groin are going through.If only they would have known the future by looking at the crystal ball, believe me the the British would have been better masters. Justice, fair play, rule of law, personal freedom, religion, education and all socio-economic issues were meted out without fear and favour. An orang putih and a local drain sweeper were the same. Each in his own way, on different layers of course, had a right in this country. A murderer was one whether he wore a three piece suit or a sarong, and an innocent chap was equal nothing based on colour, caste or creed.

Look today, every facet of life is linked with race, position in the ruling party or how much money you are willing to dole out.

I said Mahathir earlier, he was no angel, he lived on dividing the races on riches and religion but after 22 years his successors have fine tuned the process, corrupted people are likened to leading a normal life because it is a norm, I mean the corruption, every civil servant has to have a second income on which taxes are not paid, judges, who are a class by themselves, become witnesses to justify what they did as a judge, and painfully after retirement, the custodians of law and order laughed at because they treat law and order as a joke, VIP’s getting away with murder figuratively and in actual situations. All these and many more makes me to believe that although we had a head start, we are no better than some African country of anarchy, dictatorship and disintegration

So Jeff Ooi you are in good company, most of us should voluntarily slap ourselves, for allowing this country to go to this stage by electing the wrong people.

How are we going to do this. I was in a Taman near my house, the BN blue was everywhere, and in a round-about a few measly PAS flags. Explaining, I said BN has spend RM 3 million on expenses, for 3 days, and God alone knows what the total bill will be after March 8. Can a mouse fight an elephant. I knew no plausible answer.



  1. where to go?
    just vote opposition… 🙂

    ((2008 大选须知))

  2. hey, are u voting in the hulu langat/dusun tua locale? similar to what u have noted…. i see many barisan neraka paraphenalia around me and almost none of PAS. wonder whats going on?

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