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900 farmers times 3 adult voters in a family, Komala may not want to lose 2,700 voters. I have my gut feeling, the farmers will get their land, or given a concrete assurance by none other than Toyol.Remember the honorarium of RM 2000 for Civil Servants by Cuepecs. What a waste waiting until March this year, take my word the coffers will be empty and Government will shed tears, crocodile tears I mean. Putrajaya voters it is not too late, Tengku Adnan is there, get the money now, it belongs to you, but voting is another matter, vote with your conscience.
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Kapar farmers: Return our land before March 8
“Return our land to us before March 8, or you can kiss our votes good bye.”
kapar parliamentary seat contest 270208 komala deviThis was the terse message from about a dozen former farmers and their family members from Kampung Perepat in the parliamentary constituency of Kapar to Barisan Nasional’s incumbent candidate P Komala Devi (photo, far right).
Describing themselves as victims of a ‘land-grab’ by a certain MIC-linked Datuk, they are bitter and frustrated at all the promises by government leaders and politicians to have the land returned to them.
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