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Taiping: Game of high stakes

Observers have noted that as PPP’s sole parliamentarian, M Kayveas is facing a ‘must-win’ situation to ensure that the party is represented in Parliament.

taiping parliamentary seatIn addition to this, Taiping voters have also been recently reminded by the DAP that Kayveas had not fulfilled monetary pledges to several Chinese guilds and pledges to build two new Chinese schools.

In a swift counter attack, Kayveas claimed to have resolved the matter with the guilds and the schools board members over the past two days.

Details however would only be released closer to polling day to avoid the opposition from using the announcement as campaign issues.

At a speech during the function yesterday, Kayveas said he had fulfilled his pledges of RM4 million and RM1 million for Chinese guilds and Chinese schools respectively.
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I was reading an e-mail and there were 3 reasons given why Kayveas should not be elected in Taiping.Reason No. 1

SJKT Kg Jebong Lama is a container!

TAIPING: SJK (T) Kampung Jebong Lama in Simpang may have the smallest “class” in the country. Measuring six metres by three metres, the container has been used by students since 2002 due to a shortage of classrooms.

Students have to alternate between the classrooms and another in an adjoining wooden building and the container. Those using the container can only do so until 11am as the heat gets unbearable after that.

When this happens, they adjourn to the canteen to resume their lessons.
I read also an allocation of RM 550,000 has been made for a new school.

Has anybody further news on this.

Reason 2

Kayveas called for closure of all Tamil schools. I am trying to get to the source of the article.

Reason 3

When Ali Rustam and the UMNO youth were up in arms with Kayveas, he did not fight back, but he does not mind locking horns with Gerakan and MIC.

And now some problem with pledges with money by Chinese guilds.

I believe it is good to refresh our memories of past actions of our leaders before March 8, and then caste our votes.


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