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AYER TAWAR: The Indian community should not vote against the Barisan Nasional just because emotions are running high, said Perak Gerakan chief Datuk Chang Ko Youn.�
“Cool down and keep your emotions in check. Please bear in mind that the DAP cannot do anything for you,” he said after visiting voters at Ladang Ulu Ayer Tawar on Wednesday.�
“If we (the Barisan) lose, who is going to help you? You will regret your decision.”�
The Barisan government was aware of its weaknesses and was ready to improve, he added. �
“Yes, we might not have done enough for the Indians. We need to work harder to uplift their standard of living,” said Chang, who is facing Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham in the Beruas parliamentary seat this general election.�
In Beruas, Chang added, Gerakan adviser and former MP Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik had done much for the Indian community in the five terms he served.�
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Datuk Chang Ko Youn admits Gerakan had not worked hard enough for the Indians. But he conveniently forgot to mention why this was so. Possible answers are, they were busy, they forgot there was an Indian community, Gerakan is not for Indians alone but for all Malaysians, but er…er…during the last 4 years never thought much of Indians anyway.Come election time, Gerakan looks for the Indians, but how do they placate them, blame DAP. Whip DAP. You are doing well Datuk Chang Ko Youn.The Indians remember well your predecessor Lim Keng Yeik the notorious judge of Indian people who, as alleged by him, hide behind rubber trees. They are still in hiding and I cannot imagine them coming out for Gerakan simply because the fear of an another accusation now they are hiding behind houses. Indians hide and they want to hide from Gerakan.

You say DAP can’t do much for Indians. Thany you for reminding the Indians of your personal view, but the Indians at least are not ungrateful, they remember DAP stood by them when they were ridiculed in Parliament and now the Indians are saying thank you DAP for your support.

I would suggest you try to bring out the hiding Indians, and over the next 5 years, gain their confidence and erase away the unpleasant taste in their mouth that Gerakan did not do enough. Thereafter Indians will like Gerakan.


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