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If you don’t vote MIC, ‘prepare to pay price’
The Barisan Nasional ruling coalition today warned the disenchanted minority Indian community that they would “pay the price” if they vote for the opposition in March 8 elections.
MIC, part of the BN coalition, took out full-page newspaper ads which said Indians’ prospects would “disintegrate” if they deserted the government. [See ad]
“If you don’t vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price,” it said in bold red letters, urging Indians not to cast a protest vote for PAS, which rules impoverished Kelantan.
“Vote for PAS and see where Kelantan is today. If you think that you are not progressing under MIC, then you can now imagine getting disintegrated under PAS,” it said.
“But the Indians are educated. They are not cowards. They will be not be intimidated by the threats. Indians want their rights that has been denied for 50 years,” he added.
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What another lie and threat. Najib warned about May 13 and Samy this. Congratulations.A vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, and other coalition parties is a vote for UMNO, it is said. A vote for MIC on the other hand, is to keep Samy active in politics till he is 77 years old, tottering about, playing God to UMNO, shake his head and say yes, pity at that time the motion comes in under reflex action and not by muscle control. Samy is all set to rule MIC and at every passing date he gets the shivers he may yet fail after 32 years.

Why single out PAS, what if Indians vote DAP or PKR, is it alright then, but MIC still becomes redundant and irrelevant.

The opposition at least stepped out of the way to defend the Indians when they maligned by UMNO members in Parliament. Remember Sothinathan and S.K.Devamany but you played cool and kept dumb. So who is better MIC or the opposition.

Indians have disintegrated well and good under MIC and what more could be worst.

By the way no temples were destroyed nor Indian Hindus buried as Muslims in Kelantan.


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