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Zam Praises Govt Officers Who Resolve People’s Problem Promptly

SUNGAI PETANI, Feb 27 (Bernama) — Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has praised government officers who are dynamic and action-oriented in resolving problems faced by the people.

He said such an attitude would help in accelerating changes in areas under their jurisdiction.

Referring to two senior officers in Sungai Petani parliamentary seat, namely Sungai Petani Municipal Council president Azmi Din and Kuala Muda district officer Datuk Khazali Din, he said, such an attitude would make it easy for the elected representative in the area to discharge his duties to the voters.

On Monday, Azmi issued an order that the garbage and clogged drain at Taman Keladi market be cleared up while Khazali ordered that the area in front of Batu Lintang mosque, here, be reclaimed to resolve the carpark problems at the mosque.

“There may be certain problems or complaints which the top officers are not aware
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Does Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin know how to assess efficiency.One problem was clogged train and garbage collection in the market area, and the other car parking problem at the mosque.I am not sure how long these two problems existed, one year, two or more. The problems did not surface when the dumb ex Information Minister visited the site. It existed. Therefore, what were Sungai Petani Municipal Council president Azmi Din and Kuala Muda district officer Datuk Khazali Din, doing before the visit of the Honourable Minister of Information. Both of them were seating on their chubby posteriors waiting for a Aladdin to come with his magic lamp to rub off the problems. Along comes Aladdin, in the form of Misinformation Minister Zainuddin Aladdin, presto both these misfits, aka dynamic and action oriented officers, helped the modern Aladdin to rub the lamp, relate the problems to the genie, and the genie just phoofed off the problems now. No problems now. Clap, clap.

Was it don’t teach grandmothers to suck eggs. The people of Sungei Petani are not gullible to suck eggs. Garbage and clogged drains was a daily problem, and parking, maybe a weekly problem. As responsible officers what action was taken by the President and the District Officer. Were they waiting for some higher ups to come down from Kuala Lumpur maybe before they acted. In actual fact they are admitting they were inefficient, mismanaging their duties and negligent. This news report is evidence they have admitted their guilt and action must be taken immediately.

The icing in the cake is this, apparently these officers, as admitted by our new Aladdin, were not aware of problems or complaints. I cry for Sungei Patani, were these two officers staying in Penang and commute daily to SP, and their daily routine was office, straight home and vice versa, can’t blame them, in mitigating their offenses they can use this as an excuse.

And now a final plea to the voters in Sungei Petani, do you want this modern Aladdin to represent you. He will be in Kuala Lumpur most of the time, and even port-holes on roads will have to be seen by him before he uses the magic lamp. Vote wisely.


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