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RM1m spent in poll ads first 3 days

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has spent RM1 million in print media advertising in the first three days of the election campaign, said corruption watchdog Transparency International-Malaysia.

ramon navaratnam“In the first three days of the period under monitor – Feb 25 to 27 – BN was projected to have spent a cumulative total of RM1.049 million,” said TI president Ramon V Navaratnam.

According to TI, there was no election advertising by opposition parties – PAS, DAP and PKR – over the first three days of the electoral campaign in the 18 monitored newspapers.
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RM 1 million goes to the dogs. It is my money and your money. Malaysia has got the best TV and radio stations in this part of the world. They could have easily made use of TV 1 and TV 2 plus all government sponsored radios, to spread the message. Are they admitting most of us don’t watch or hear government visual and audio channels. Call up the Misinformation Minister ask him what’s happening, or is he still in Sungei Petani supervising clogged drains and parking lots. Somebody must answer.What stupid advertisements in the newspapers. MIC says Indians beware you will have to pay the price and you will be disintegrated. Using peoples money they threatenl them pay and get disintegrated. What justice is this.

The opposition did not use up money, but all the people are getting the message. How come.

Those reading this, I got a SMS that Najib will be speaking on Al Jazeera at 10.30 pm today, Thursday, relating to Hindraf. Can any of my readers fill me up on this tomorrow as I don’t have Astro.



  1. Malaysia Boleh hahahahah

    BN is only good for thast….if they can spent RM1M IN JUST 3 DAY…SO HOW MUCH THEY WILL MAKE IN 1 TERM (5YEAR)..


  2. Thank you for highlighting the BN misused of public funds. It is a critical situation for BN because this election is their do-or-die attempt to stop Opposition from denying them the 2/3 majority. Lets look at the situation objectively. The Barisan government is in a panic station. UMNO members have dissatisfactions over PM’s son-in-law but have no courage to voice out. Disgruntaled as they have been so bickering has surfaced.

    MIC is in deep shit and MCA has lost its bearing. The shift of the voters’ support has rung the alarm bell and say what you like, the Barisan government has become desperate.

    Wastages of the country’s resources is synonymous to the Barisan government. Corruptions have become the name of the game. When the upstream is dirty, it pollutes the downstream. NOW IT IS THE TIME that all Malaysians should join hands to support the Oppositions to help ourselves. Let us all go all out for the Oppositions and see what the next five years will bring about.

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