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MCA’s Donald Lim booed at church forum
It was proven in St Francis Xavier’s Church last night that comparing how Malaysia is better off than Burma will only result in boos and jeers.
This was the response that Petaling Jaya Selatan (PJS) parliamentary incumbent Donald Lim received when he used the same example on how well the country is doing – several times.
“Under the BN leadership, we are doing much better than Burma …” he said before he was interrupted by boos and jeers.
When a member of the audience asked Donald to talk about oil subsidies and profits by Pertonas, he said it was ‘not a state issue’ to more jeers from the audience.
The crowd also laughed at Donald’s expression as he passed the microphone to Thuan Seng several times to avoid questions.
Towards the tail end of the Q&A session, Maxwell Towers Residents Association chairman Victor Oorjitham had challenged the BN to sign a pledge that they help prevent Bukit Gasing
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I was surprised that he was booed at the church forum, which in a away shows the displeasure of the people and at the same time to drive home the message, whether MCA, MIC, or Gerakan, candidates cannot hide behind UMNO whenever things go wrong. To my mind they should be pro-active, and not connive with UMNO and then at election time come around telling people I will do this and that.How often do these coalition party members have lost the rights to represent the voters when they kowtow to UMNO even when the decision affects non-Muslims.If the situation arises where UMNO can pull them up for defending wrong policies, then the obvious is to resign and seek a fresh mandate from the people.

If they don’t this booing is a prelude to many more to come.

Churches and their members cannot be bystanders now, they should show as St Francis church did, engage the candidates in conversation, to know what they will do if elected.



  1. I guess the least we can give Donald Lim is a pat on the back for his willingness to attend the church forum to share his ideas. How many of our other MPs are willing to take to the stage in debate with the opposition or independent candidates? I dare say that many righteous Malaysians today would win hands-down should the BN MPs dare to take this challenge to have open debates. Hidup bangsa Malaysia; do away with race based policies!

  2. Donald duck is a useless mca politian. totally non consturctive that is why dare not answer questions throw to him. come this voting day, forget him and vote for anybody except donald

  3. Well… least now people is opening their eyes and dare to protest & even now….booooooooo…..Hope that Christians all over the country should stand up and be counted as a force to reckon with and show BN esp MCA & MIC or even PPP that time has run out and its the force with Opposition now….even show UMNO that Christians are now DARE TO WIN with Opposition.

    Syabas to crowd in St Francis Church…you show the lead to all others….let it continue…..

  4. Time for Christians to wake up. Being quite is not going to solve any problem. Sweeping the dirt under the carpet is not going help you. Looking at the way this UMNO led BN manipulating the country’s resources, time to wake up and show them we do act. Atleast let us not loose whatever we have, even we do not get back what we already lost due to the cowardinence of MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and others. Let put a stop to this. Our children will be grateful to us for the courage we had in voting for the opposition.

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