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Malaysiakini reports of problems in Kapar. Malayan Indian Channel reports problems in Lunas with pictures. You can also see a video.

Things are not rosy for MIC and Samy Vellu. If the two cases referred to opposition parties, Samy will be ready with a song possibly in Tamil, “Sothanai Mel Sothanai, Pothumada Sami” translated, trials after trials, enough of it Samy (God).

But Samy is not deterred. See my comments on his interview with Star newspaper. It helps readers to remember Hindraf opened the eyes of Indians, although Samy and gang were pulling the fleece over our eyes.

MIC may be shaken and stirred in Kapar

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Feb 27, 08 3:49pm

For all that the MIC considers Kapar to be its fortress, the parliamentary seat will be one to watch this time around.
Incumbent P Komala Devi won the seat comfortably with a 14,588 majority in the 2004 elections, but an upset may be on the cards – all because of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).
image Her opponent this time will be PKR’s S Manickavasigam (photo), known to close associates as Mike, who hopes to cash in on the Hindraf factor and latent discontent in the Indian community.
Kapar has 112,224 registered voters – the largest constituency in the country – with Malays forming the majority at 51.4 percent and Chinese at 35.4 percent.
image Indians make up 13 percent, working mainly in oil palm plantations and the factory sector. With an average household income of about RM900, they feel the sting of recent increases in the price of fuel and consumer goods.
But resentment rooted in racial discrimination has become the single-biggest catalyst in recent months, manifested in strong support for Hindraf and its leaders. Manickavasagam counts himself among supporters.
“I have the support of almost 98 percent of the Indian community here. This time, Komala will lose because the voters know that MIC and its members have done nothing but cheat the people,” he claimed when met at a pasar malam in Taman Intan.
image “Komala was chased out when she came here (Taman Intan) what more evidence that you need to show that MIC has lost its relevance here?”
During his walkabout, his supporters – all Indians – waved PAS flags and shouted out ‘vote for PKR and PAS’.
Dislodging Komala will be no walk in the park, although a local resident offers the view that Malays are “50-50″ in their support and that Chinese voters are known to be pro-opposition.
‘Disregard rumour’
Komala discounted speculation that she will be booted out, expressing confidence that she will be able to retain the seat.
“We have the strongest support, not only from the Indian community, but from the Chinese and Malays as well,” she said after meeting with some 50 supporters near Taman Intan.
image Asked to comment on the apparently strong anti-BN sentiments among the Indians there, she denied that such feelings exist.
“There are no anti-BN sentiments but confusion. MIC has always been the favourite party in Kapar and will remain so,” she claimed.
MIC has addressed the main issues – crime, employment and vernacular education – about which all voters are concerned, she added
Some obviously think otherwise. One resident said he is upset with Komala, claiming she has not visited Kapar even once following the 2004 elections to listen to the grouses of the residents.
“We have called her and sent text-messages and she has not replied even once,” he alleged.
Another resident echoed the comment, and added that it is high time the MIC is taught a lesson.
Kena ajar diorang ni sikit bang, tak buat kerja. Harga barang naik, minyak naik, (We have to teach them a lesson, they don’t do their work; the price of goods and fuel has gone up),” he said, asking not to be named for ‘fear of getting into trouble’.

Chicago Bull was not welcomed in Lunas yesterday ( 26/02/2008 ). More than 10000 people gathered with bannners and slippers to block Samy Vellu from entering to Lunas. He was suppose to meet the people there and also attend a dinner organized by MCA Lunas and Pemuda MIC . Roads to enter the Chinnese hall was blocked wif the poeple there.. and refused to let Samy Vellu in. He then had no choice.More than 100 policemen were placed there to control the situation. Yet they could not control the crowd, more than 10 units of FRU was brought to control the situation there.. No tear gas and water canons were used. But they are all in postion. Padang Serai Parliment candidate Gopalakrishnan was on the spot to ensure the safety of the people there and to calm down the situation there. His son was arrested by the police. The police again has shown their brutality agaimst the minority Indians. This are part of the pictures which i manage to get.. I was asked to delete all the pictures which took there by a higly ranked senior officer.











note: videos will be uploaded soon..

*** kind information,, the guy above is no one else than… Gopalakrishnan The Legend….

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