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With due respect to our Indian Leader Datuk S.Samy Vellu, ex Works Minister of Malaysian Parliament, at the age of 72, is hallucinating, incoherent, babbles, and based on his age tottering not physically, but …….your guess is good as mine. Permit me to refer to 2 posts, here and here, I wrote today. With all the Police and FRU, where were the thugs. Is he telling all Malaysians the Police and FRU are idiots who cannot comprehend thugs. Sorry boys, I mean the Police and FRU, for referring you as idiots not you are one but that is something alluded to by a senior ex Minister. To gain political advantage he may even go further.

Samy says, PKR thugs, why not DAP and Pas. Sin Chew newspaper says the crowd was around 3000, but Samy as usual in a confused could not have counted or assessed the number of people, he was in a state of shock, and says there were 600 t0 700, an illusion, as I told you earlier he is hallucinating or what.

They, the 3000, 600 or 700 carrying rocks and knives, rocks for what, to build him an altar as he is a Sami, and knives to kill the sacrificial goat – ha, ha, ha, all these time I thought Sami refers to some Hindu Gods but with knives and sacrifice, he is just a village deity. No offense to all Indians.

Finally he has something nice to say of Hindraf, those 3000, 600 or 700 are not from Hindraf but PKR. What graceful thoughts.

Liquor, two Tamil dailies, war, cut me, words uttered by him. I did say babbling, please help me to put it eloquently and I will do so.

Now back to basics, if there were thugs around carrying rocks and knives, the Police and FRU would have dealt with them. See the video, does it show any thugs. For MIC to use thugs, it is not new. Any meeting of Maika or Telecom shares issue, the MIC thugs are there to stifle them from asking questions. Some body jokingly said, MIC is a thug party led by a big thug, what can be done.  

Samy: PKR ‘samseng’ behind demos 

Samy: PKR ‘samseng’ behind demos

Andrew Ong | Feb 27, 08 6:47pm

MIC president S Samy Vellu lashed out at PKR today, warning the opposition party that MIC is also capable of launching a ‘war’ but its members chose to abide by the law.

He also blamed PKR and its ‘thugs’ for being responsible for the recent spate of demonstrations involving the Indian community.

image “People who bunyi-bunyi di jalan raya (make noise on the streets) are all from the opposition. They are using the name of Hindraf. But they are not Hindraf.

“They are all samseng Keadilan (PKR thugs). They are causing fear amongst the public,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after a function in Sungai Siput, Samy Vellu was referring to the cancellation of his Lunas visit yesterday due to a stand-off with a large crowd, reportedly linked to Hindraf.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the crowd numbered around 3,000 and Samy Vellu was advised to avoid his Lunas dinner appointment at a Chinese temple.

However, Samy Vellu said today that there were only 600 to 700 people but they were armed with rocks and knives.

image “If you want to use the knife use it in the market. If you think you can slash me in the market, pergi potong lah (then go ahead and cut)!” he said.

“They think it is easy to finish a person. That won’t happen,” he added.

Samy Vellu has been dogged by hecklers and small demonstrations during several of his functions nationwide ever since the Hindraf mass-rally last November.
This not the first time that Samy Vellu faced humiliation in Lunas. In a bitterly fought 2000 by-election between MIC and PKR, he vowed not to return to Kuala Lumpur without a victory in Lunas.

Subsequently, MIC was dealt a major blow when the party stronghold fell into opposition’s hands after a major swing of votes against the government. 

The ‘liquor’ technique

Continuing his verbal tirade against the opposition, Samy Vellu accused the parties of using underhanded tactics to instigate Indians to take to the streets.

image “Opposition parties give liquor to people to cause trouble. This is the new technique of the new century.”

Describing the action of the demonstrators as “war”, the MIC president warned that his party was capable of retaliation.

“We can do that too. If they really want to have war, we can show them war (to show our strength). We have thousands of MIC Youth (members). But they follow the law,” he said.

image Samy Vellu also slammed two Tamil papers for publishing reports on demonstrations involving Indians and blamed his political rivals, who own the papers, for doing so.

He said these politicians were pretending to be friendly to the Barisan Nasional but secretly urging the opposition and the Indian community to organise more demonstrations.

“It is a tactic to get the Indians to do more and more demonstrations. They are not demonstrating against MIC. They are demonstrating against Barisan Nasional,” he said.

Tamil dailies Makkal Osai and Malaysia Nanban are aligned to Samy Vellu’s rivals, former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam and Malaysian Indian United Party (MUIP) president S Nallakaruppan respectively.

Samy Vellu, 71, who is seeking his ninth-term as Sungai Siput MP, is contesting against PKR’s D Jeyakumar for the third time.

Samy: PKR ‘samseng’ behind demos


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