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I would like to comment as under:1. Where ever on earth did Samy Vellu get the information the Indian community, or only a section of it, are angry. If this is so, I don’t see the necessity for MIC to advertise in papers, change candidates, and under take the hive of activities, as Samy has undertaken. The minority can never influence the majority. If the majority of the Indians are with MIC, there is no problem at all, like always, Indians will vote BN and why worry. The truth of the matter is, MIC has been naive and disillusioned, Indians won’t let them down or to put it mildly, the Indians have no where to go, it is MIC and MIC alone. Not getting Government jobs is an old issue, backdated years back, or to be conservative for the last 20 years or so. If MIC had made noise earlier, changes could have been noticed. But MIC did not want to annoy their bosses UMNO and kept quiet. Indians had accepted getting a government job is rare as getting a lottery, and look around now, the bulk of the Indians are in the private sector or self employed. Indians earlier thought jobs in government is a must, but now it is a second option, first the private sector or self employment, then if you are lucky a government appointment. Indian history in this country led us to believe, once your education is completed, you dash off an application to a government agency. Knowing the difficulty in procuring jobs in government agencies, Indians starting applying in companies etc. Indians lived with it. There were many other obstacles placed by the government, education, scholarships, business opportunities, religion etc but they still bore the stuff patiently. The boiling point was reached when religious fanaticism touched the Indians, temples were destroyed and if MIC had been pro-active, if there was noise made, would Indians think MIC is redundant. The Indians are smart enough to know that everything they ask for will not be given by the government, what they wanted was a voice or a timid whisper, did MIC do that. MIC carried on playing their own game of politics, Indians became annoyed, MIC is not helping them, and eventually Hindraf came about to make MIC and its leaders to wake up with a nightmare. I still dare say that, if not for Hindraf, MIC will still be in slumber land looking after their own interests and not bothered about the welfare of the Indians. With Hindraf people realised there was an alternate means than MIC to tell the government what they were missing.

2. Hindraf, fortunately or unfortunately, did not start of as a cohesive political group to be an alternate to MIC. On the contrary, they left MIC alone, but carried out activities like defending people who were maligned by the government, keeping track of injustices suffered by the Indians and so forth. It was never an organised big association but led by individuals. Some sections of the community or those who were directly involved in the wrongs done by the government were the main participants. Hindraf was not playing any politics but catering to the needs of individuals, and sometimes in small groups of temple representatives. It was never pan Malaysian. In fact most of the Indians only knew of it after November 25 and became aware what it stood for. What started as a spark became a flame and Indians once knowing what it stood for and its aims started questioning why MIC had not done this. Most of the Indians only know how badly the MIC representatives were treated in Parliament without any recourse and there the head of MIC was pleasantly rubbing shoulders with his buddies in UMNO assuring himself semua-nya okay. There were annoyances here and there but Hindraf brought in figures and instances to prove something was wrong. So, Samy please don’t say innocent, poor Indians are being made use of. None of the leaders were aiming for high posts in the government hierarchy or into money making ventures. Unfortunately, the Indians have suffered more thinking MIC is there for them. But you personally, with your style of administration, you made MIC a one man show, which prerogative still exists today. In reality the Indians could not suffer more than what they have been suffering, and MIC becomes irrelevant.

3. What representation are you talking about. Even your own kind, MIC representatives, suffered in the hands of UMNO, religious bigotry was taking place, Indians were ill treated by the Police, and all the time did you raise a finger of protest, why, afraid you will rock the boat. If you had, like what you are doing now, like the 7 issues and all, will any Indian blame MIC, knowing any request by the party will not be reciprocated in full.

4. You had a wonderful opportunity to redeem the importance of MIC, it was just after November 25 or even later, but you chose to fight Hindraf rather than compromising with the people. You quoted wrong statistics, you went all the way to India to tell everybody the Malaysian Indians were living in luxury. Lie after lie, and the hate for you and MIC increased. In Parliament, words like keling, pendatang, go back and racist were used. What did you do. Afraid of your position in the government to protest. I don’t know.

5. So, do you know why a large number of Indians don’t like you, and MIC becomes a scapegoat.

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A: Certain sections of the Indian community are angry, not because we didn’t raise or ask for solutions to their plight. Their anger is due to inadequacy: when 50 people apply for a (government) job, and if only one gets the job,
I am sad that certain elements have made use of innocent and poor Indians for their own political game. In the end, it is the community that will suffer.
The Indians know very well that they need a strong and cohesive representation in the Government.
Two years ago, I brought to the attention of the Cabinet that Indians need assistance in business and the Government then gave out RM40mil loans through BSN’s micro credit scheme to 4,000 people. �
When the 9MP was being drawn up, the Prime Minister gave us a copy of the draft plan . We appointed about 85 experts to scrutinise the plan.
more opportunities through government agencies and through party educational and social institutions in addressing the concerns of the bottom 30%. The next 12 years are very critical. �
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