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PETALING JAYA: It is an undeniable fact that the political, economic and social status of Malaysian Chinese has improved since independence.�

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said, “The older people can testify to this. More than 50 years ago, many Chinese were living in poverty. Over the decades, many children left their villages and settled in urban areas.�

You can see Chinese residents in Petaling Jaya moving from small to bigger houses,” he told PJ Utara constituents at a community gathering here last night.�

Ong said the MCA had been urging the Government to change its policies in education, public service and government procurement that were not in favour of the community.�

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It would have been a historical, monumental, and true statement, if he had started to say “By sheer hard work and determination the Chinese have improved their position blah, blah blah”This is a fact.

At the end he bemoans Chinese have been left out in education, public service and government procurement and so the ending should have been… spite of all the impediments set up by the government we Chinese have succeeded.

Honestly the Chinese have succeeded by hard work and not by help by the government. Q.E.D.



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