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Our toupee hero Samy Vellu is immune to shoes, screwdrivers, atomic bombs and any other missile.Please read this:

Another one is:

Here again he is a Malaysian Indian and wants to meet Indians. But what I do not understand why he did not want to meet the women who were screaming at him in Bagan Dalam.

Let me guess. Samy is worried these women want to know more about husband wife relationship that exists between MIC and the Indians. He was worried he had stirred up the hornet’s nest, and questions by the women would be embarrassing especially if they wanted examples. He will be dumbfounded if the women ask him, what if the rolls change and MIC becomes the wife and the Indians the husband, can MIC ask the Indians to vote this party.

The fear, the worry, the cold sweat that he may have to endure if the women ask him more details, which a male mind may not even think about, perhaps his conjugal life style. Surprises and surprises, thats why he told the Police, make sure no women please.

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Commotion during Samy’s visit to BN ops centre in Bagan Dalam
There was a slight commotion when embattled MIC president S Samy Vellu was about to leave the BN operation centre in Bagan Dalam here today.
A group tried to gatecrash the function but were prevented by police men on standby everywhere Samy Vellu went. Several women were heard screaming that they wanted to meet him. The group eventually dispersed.
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  1. Samy Vellu added: “The first day after renovation, everything in the toilet is the most beautiful like a new bride. If it had long been in use and people do not care anymore, then it will not be beautiful anymore.”

  2. There’s an urgent need for a big screwdriver
    Not just to fix a car but a huge loosen screw
    Hoping in return to be rewarded with best brew
    To spare the screw from requiring protective crew

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270208
    Wed. 27th Feb. 2008.

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