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This is an update of my previous posting.

Please read the following from Lim Kit Siang’s blog here and here



  1. Actually this program is started national level & funded from Zakat. Based on the policy they shouldn’t use Zakat money for any activity involving non Islam people. That’s the reason why they only forcing their people to get the benefit & for free. For non bumis, they not forcing the student’s to participate as this is not their interest & the amount they collecting also not that significant. Eventough the idea looks quite awkward; we need to accept the fact. First of all they try to run the classes using Zakat money which is belongs to them. Second, we need to see in context that there is a opportunity for non bumis to participate in the classes. So, for a average parents who not afford to put their children in tuition classes, they can make use of this as the rate is not so expensive compare with outside tuition centers / home tuition. If the parent can effort to put the children in external tuition, they can do so as this classes not going to block them to do so.

    No point we demanding for something that not belongs to us. Afterall they didn’t use our tax to running the classes. If the parent’s are so concern that their children are discriminated, they should put the children in Tamil School. Agree? But……Again we will face the discrimination from external……& that is the biggest challenge we facing now

  2. Dear Taranga,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. As I see it, if this has been explained to the non-Muslims, do you think the problem would have cropped off.

    Keep writing. One way of diffusing differences is by interacting and being open.

  3. Dear Mr Taranga,

    I totally disagree with you. If the money is not meant for non-muslim and is ONLY meant for the muslims ALONE then why use it in the schools in the first place to differenciate our students where we have multi-racial students of different religion. This type of things should NOT start in schools in the first place especially in the primary schools where we are moulding our future generation. We should teach our children that we are all equal in the eyes of God and God gives us equal rights and no one is superior or have advantage over the others except if he works hard and lives a truthful living.

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