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 Samy: Not shoe, they threw atomic bomb



Missiles thrown at Samy Vellu, do not bother him. He is a veteran and seasoned campaigner and what shoes, screwdriver, or for that matter an atomic bomb could possibly do. But two things are very clear, people abused him, the degree of abuse only known to him, there was heavy Police protection, a well liked leader need not have to have protection.
Another pertinent point is his MIC "followers", is there a better name for them, surround him, and people are shoved aside when they want to meet the President. But the fact remains if you are escorted by a Hugh group of Police and MIC "followers" there is something wrong.
Secondly he was marooned inside his car for 30 minutes, that is bad, it is worst than an atomic bomb. But what irks me is that, if he is not arrogant, a know all, and treats the people as equals without being the Kangani or Mandore, I don’t think the people will react this way.
One other salient point missed out often is, if he had been there for the Indians all the time, meaning a leader of self sacrifice, jumping up every time an Indian is maligned, including Parliament where Indians are referred to as Klings and the like, the present day Indians who are looking for new leadership in Hindraf and others would not have come about. A person who stands by while Indians are castigated cannot and should not identify himself as I am another Indian now – this close proximity  is there because of election. Earlier, it was all the Malaysian Indians are okay, even in New Delhi among other Indians, makes you thing he is not Sami Vellu but Sam the migrant from elsewhere besides India. To be a leader one must identify oneself with Indian masses, in times of trouble, and if you don’t,  you cannot be truly classified as a Malaysian Indian. And this becomes a heavy burden when you are the only one who could have represented the Indians in time of distress.
This Sam failed to do, and in a way I appreciate Sothinathan and Devamani, who stood up for a cause and were castigated by fellow Parlimentarians, while Sam was talking in private to Badawi and Najib. So at present these two leaders are not there to protect you in times of abuse by the Indians. What you sow you reap.
Things are not pleasant for other Indian leaders as well. In IRC or Indian Recreation Club in Ipoh, things were not rosy for another MIC leader, and also an MCA incumbent and Mentri Besar Perak. DAP Kulasegeran has this to say.    


Samy: Not shoe, they threw atomic bomb

Beh Lih Yi | Feb 26, 08 6:34pm

MIC president S Samy Vellu today denied that shoes were thrown at him during a recent visit to Penang.

Quizzed on this at a press conference in Butterworth, he quipped: "They threw an atomic bomb at me…I threw the atomic (bomb) back."

image However, he conceded that an argument erupted between him and the local Indian community when he visited Perai, in Butterworth, two weeks ago.

"Nothing happened. They didn’t throw a screwdriver at me. If they threw a screwdriver, I will take the screwdriver and use it for my car," he said, drawing laughter from local MIC leaders who were present.

Samy Vellu was met by reporters at the Batu Kawan MIC election operations room – one of his three stops at Indian-majority seats during a one-day visit to Penang.

He was asked to comment on rumours that an Indian woman had thrown a shoe at him when

he was speaking to the crowd in Perai, which is an Indian-majority seat, on Feb 16.

According to rumours, the shoe did little to unnerve the seasoned politician, who purportedly replied to the crowd that he was not afraid of an atomic bomb, let alone a shoe. This was said to have resulted in a second shoe being thrown at him.

The media had reported that some 60 people blocked Samy Vellu’s car while he was leaving the function and criticised him for not helping the Indian community.

It was also reported that the MIC president was stuck in the car for about 30 minutes before being whisked away to safety by policemen.

Argument over arrests

Commenting further on the incident, the 72-year-old politician said there was an argument over the mass arrests in connection with the ‘roses’ demonstration organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

image "They wanted me to tell the prime minister to release all of them, I said I can’t do that because I don’t have the power, so that’s the argument.

"Of course during the argument, somebody ‘bang, bang, bang’, all ‘talk, talk, talk’. We all human beings, when someone gets angry, they lose their heads," he said.

On that note, Samy Vellu promised that he would not prevent the people from approaching him to air their views.

"When I come here. I am an Indian, they are also Malaysian Indians. I have to allow them to talk to me, I don’t want anyone to block (the people)," he said.

Soon after this, an Indian trader was reportedly stopped by MIC members from approaching Samy Vellu during his brief visit to a market in Perai at his second stop in Penang.

According to eyewitnesses, the man who tried to approach Samy Vellu was shoved aside – and almost fell – while police personnel told the man to raise the issue at a nearby school hall, where the MIC president was holding a meet-the-people session.

Heavy police presence

Samy Vellu was escorted by a heavy police presence and flanked by MIC state leaders throughout his visit.

In Batu Kawan, at least six patrol cars and about 30 policemen accompanied him throughout his 45-minute programme with some 200 Indians from a residential area there.

image Security was stepped up when he arrived in Perai, where a truck of light strike force personnel were also deployed to prevent any untoward incident.

The hall where he held his meet-the-people session was half-empty and some of those who turned up were also spotted in Batu Kawan earlier.

On his way out of the hall, Samy Vellu stopped several times when the locals tried to seek his help to solve their problems.

During his last stop at Bagan Dalam, a woman and her family tried in vain to seek the MIC president’s help to secure the release of her son who is being held under the Emergency Ordinance.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman later hurled abusive words at the MIC leader as Samy Vellu was getting into his car.


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