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I love Tamil films and day dreaming. To be honest, I did not see the whole of the Rajnikanth Sivaji, but bits of the opening scenes, as I had been told it was not Sivaji the Boss but Sivaji the loose.My wife insisted I come along to the cinema to watch this famous film, and honestly I had no choice, because I know the consequences. As a husband with intentions of being nice to my wife, I had no choice, otherwise she would have missed the opportunity to see Rajnikanth in full colour and something called Dolby sound system. After all she does not mind the occasional Skol I partake of. Yes Skol is cheap.And so the film was on, my wife enjoyed it, and I, having read the preview it was not the boss but loose, day dreamed that I was the original Sivaji Ganeson, some of my readers know what I am talking about.

I did know that my expertise would be required this early to confirm whether it is boss or loose. I am told Anwar is aligned with the boss, good for him, but who is loose, therein lies my problem.

But when I read the Malaysiakini report, that Samy has two weeks to prove a point, life became easier, if Anwar is the boss then Samy can be the loose, because the odds are stacked against him, not just MIC alone or the Indians, who generally Samy feels they can be maneuvered to support Barisan Nasional, but UMNO the bastion of democratic rights. So to tag along, I present to you Sivaji the loose. I hope Samy does not get mad, it is nothing personal, but for a way of extracting myself from a dilemma.

Day dreaming on the other hand is easy, you don’t involve others into it. 19 plus 9 or 9 plus 19 is the same while day dreaming. The other good point is no one scolds you if you day dream wrongly. It is your privilege.

clipped from
MIC president S Samy Vellu has two weeks to prove to the Indian community and Umno that he is still relevant.
Not wanting to be left out, the opposition jumped in with Anwar Ibrahim likening himself to ‘Sivaji The Boss’, a heroic character in a recent Tamil movie blockbuster.
samy vellu constipatedThe media -�with its so-called ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ branches, would also rise to the occasion making�room for more stories on the Indian community.
There�was also talk that Umno wanted control of the Works Ministry and there�was a possibility that the MIC president might be moved to another ministry after the elections.
“This time around, they would pull out all stops. For all you know, MIC would retain its 19 state seats and nine parliamentary seats and silence the critics,” he added.
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  1. Hi Guys , if you want to condemm samy , please do it right way or direct way not necessary take tamil Movie title futhermore its was Super Star movie which create A record in Malaysia as Tamil industry . As an Indian you suppose to be proud . Either you enjoyed it or not , is not an issue , please do not compare with the peoson who cant touch Superstar feet… ok


  2. Dear Sriraj,

    It was not my intention to run-down Super Star Rajini nor have I done so in my posting. Sivaji previewed in India bore the name loose, and I, reading that Anwar was touted as Sivaji The Boss, was parodying on Anwar and Sami Vellu, but not Rajini

    I know your liking of Rajini and I am sure I will not resort to criticisms of him, without cause.

    When I was younger there was this star I hero worshiped, and do you know I used to suffer every time this person suffered on screen. It was so personal.

    Continue commenting on my posts, as this will give me the impetus to post more. Bye.

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