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Sami won’t expect defeat that easily, he will put fear on the voters and make the opposition look like fools.Only the Sungei Siput voters can teach him a lesson.
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Lucia Lai’s email greeted me this morning. Thanks, my friend! Only the first day into Malaysia’s 12 General Elections campaign and I hear something like this:
It seems that PSM’s ceramah in Sungai Siput was abruptly halted last night due to ‘disturbances’ and ‘obstacles’ from the police.
During Sungai Siput Opposition candidate Dr Jeyakumar’s�political speech, a group of ‘Light Strike Force’ approach the front stage and prevented�him from continuing his intriguing talk.
PSM’s ceramah�had to end by 10pm, pretty early for a ceramah during elections!! More people were just trickling in.
Is MIC head honcho Samy Velu’s dirty tactics�at work again?
MIC was also conducting a consert nearby but response to it was lukewarm. The Kuala Kangsar city council had allowed MIC to erect a stage there, but had rejected PSM’s application to do so. DOUBLE STANDARDS! I would really like to see what our Election Commission would say about this!
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  1. tahi kucing kepala jingga

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